Play First Challenge Starts March 6th 2015

What is the ONE RESULT that will rock your world?AddValue-300-png

Use the Coach Approach Superpower Play First to…

Transform your approach to daily life (A BIG DEAL)

From: organizing your day around a task list that you will WORK ON by focusing on doing everything right.
To:  orchestrate your day around adding value to the lives of others by focusing on the results you will PLAY FOR.

Join in the Human RACE Game and our next 28 Day Challenge.

Learn how to orchestrate your day around the BIG RESULT you are playing for like the high performers in arts and athletics do!

Participate in weekly “Power Up” calls on Friday at 1PM ET to learn the BIG Ideas and interact with amazing colleagues.

Here is the model:


Here is a quick summary of how to play your day (From the Play First Playbook)

  1. Be clear about the results you are playing for.
  2. Have a plan of actions to create the desired results; KNOW that the actions may or may not create the results.
  3. Dedicate some time to play for results every day.
  4. Orchestrate your energy to be fully alive when you play.
  5. Allow your experience of play to spark creative ideas for how to upgrade your environments to play better.
  6. Enjoy the creative expression of your environment; the world you create for your game is art.
  7. Blend creating environments and playing for results into every day; DON’T wait for the projects to be done before you play.
  8. Allocate some time for Follow Up tasks each day; this will clear space for playing and creating.
  9. Create structures (systems and methods) to make your follow up tasks easier.
  10. HAVE FUN! PLAY your day.

I recommend you join us!

The Human RACE “Power Up Calls are on Friday at 1PM ET

Friday March 6th 1-2PM ET (followed by a 30 minute Laser Coaching session with Coach Dave)

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Play First!

Coach Dave