Mission Play First Step 2:
Identify actions that can be done to create the desired results.

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Here is the next installment on how to PLAY First; our Human RACE 28 Day Challenge for March.

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The key here is to get right into the game of taking action in pursuit of results.  In most games of life this means engaging with other people in some way, sharing something of value and asking them to do something with you or for you.  This is a hugely creative process.  AS you play you will find your own unique way to create the desired results.

Your current actions and results occur within your current level of Inner Freedom; expanding your Inner Freedom means expanding your comfort zone.

DON’T wait till you have it all set up so that you cannot fail.  Jump in. Expect to fail a bunch of times and succeed some times and learn something every time.
As a refresher… Here is the diagram…



A Bunch of Action – Result Examples for the Business Game

Action Desired Result
Talk to a customer or colleague and ASK them to refer a potential customer They say: “YES”, do it, and the potential customer calls you.
Write something for your blog, ASK readers to send you feedback. A reader thinks: “YES, I will do it” and sends you a note about what the action they took after reading your blog.
Write an email and ASK readers to send it to people they know and recommend they subscribe. A potential reader thinks: “YES” and subscribes to your newsletter.
Talk with someone in your network and ASK them to attend a public presentation you are giving. They say: “YES”, and attend.
Talk with a potential customer and ASK them to hire you. They say: “YES” and arrange payment.
Provide your service to an existing customer; ASK them to send you a letter about the results they achieved. They say: “YES” and send you the letter.

As you can see from these examples, most action-result sequences for adding value start with an “ASK” and are in pursuit of a “YES” and participation.

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