Mission Play First Step 4.
Upgrade your environment to make winning easier.

Hey there Human RACER!

Coach Dave here.

Here is the 4th installment on how to PLAY First; our Human RACE 28 Day Challenge for March.UpgradeEnvironments-png

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This is the critical moment of transformation!

As you take action in pursuit of results you will face challenges; a challenge is anything that prevents the desired result from happening.

The Industrial Mindset Worker will perceive this as a problem to be solved; get rid of something in the way. Under the illusion of control, not getting the desired result is like getting the wrong answer on a test; FIX IT!

The Connected Mindset Player with a Coach using the World Power Method perceives this as a fun opportunity to create something new; to upgrade the Environment to make it easier to get the desired result more often.

The BIG idea behind World Power is to replace willpower with World Power by getting “your world” on your team.

Here is the 9 Environments of YOU diagram from our World Power Method Program:


Examples of upgrades to make winning easier  include:

  1. Create more skill at doing the key action (Self Environment)
  2. Create a new idea / a new way to pursue the result (Memetic Environment)
  3. Create a stronger relationship that provides support (Relationship Environment)
  4. Create a connection with a resourceful person in the field (Network Environment)
  5. Create an online resource that facilitates the desired result (Technology Environment)
  6. Create a physical resource that facilitates the desire result (Physical Environment)
  7. Create a new perspective that makes the action easier (Spiritual Environment)
  8. Create a financial resource to fund a necessary upgrade (Financial Environment)
  9. Create a practice that uplifts your body energy for better focus (Body Environment)

Upgrading environments is like creating magnets

“Creating magnets” is a powerful metaphor for upgrading your environments.

A magnet can pull you toward becoming the great player you want to be.

A magnet can pull your desired results toward you.

Creating magnets makes winning sustainable while solving problems is a quick fix that has little long term value.

Here is a quick description of each of the 9 Environments of YOU:


The Core that is unchanging

Memetic Environment

Ideas around you: TV, Radio, Magazines, Websites; Ideas you create for others

Body Environment

Your radiance, appearance and clothing

Self Environment

Stengths, Skills, Talents and Character

Spiritual Environment

Deep connections, Sacred spaces and Nature

Relationship Environment

Close Friends, Family and Close Colleagues

Network Environment

Professional Connections and Greater Community

Financial Environment

Money, Wealth and Budget

Physical Environment

Places, Things and Tools

Technology Environment

Electronic Devices, Virtual Spaces and Apps


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