Mission Play First Step 5.
Keep playing!
Let your Game and your Environments evolve together

Hey there Human RACER!

Coach Dave here.

Here is the 5th installment on how to PLAY First; our Human RACE 28 Day Challenge for March.

Here are the links to the previous installments:

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In Step 4: Upgrade Your Environments we talked about how the challenges of your game  will energize you to upgrade your environments to make it easier to win.

This leads us into why Step 5 is so important.

Step 5. Keep playing! Let the Game and your Environments evolve togetherYourGameYourEnvironment-png

What a worker will do next is STOP playing until all possible creative projects are done.  Do the work first, create the perfect environment, and then you can play without failing.  The trouble is, the work will never be done AND no matter how perfect you make the environment it will not guarantee results!  Remember, control is an illusion.
AND if you stop playing, it is very likely that the Environmental Upgrades you make will not be fully relevant to the game by the time they are done.

What the player with a Coach will do is KEEP playing the game every day; enjoying the challenges of the game.  Let playing the game continue to fuel the creative environmental upgrade projects that make it easier to get the desired results.

Play First! Play for results. Play with your environment. Then “work on” a few follow up tasks that come out of your game each day.

We call it “Play First” because every day is oriented around PLAY; rather than orienting on a task list.

We call it “Play First” because upgrading your environments is a playful creative endeavor full of experiments and new territories to explore; rather than fixing problems.  There is no perfect environment. It is always evolving with your game.

We call it “Play First” because anything you want to do in life should start with PLAY; rather than attempting to get every possible scenario “worked out” before you start playing.

It doesn’t mean that the “play for results” activities have to be the first thing you do every day.

Want to join in the Play First Challenge?

Of course you do!  Where else can you get powerful support to play for what really matters to you? (instead of working hard!)

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For your reference: here is the Play First Diagram: