Coach Dave shares about his life-changing soccer adventure

and what he learned about the power of adaptation in a winning environment!

Coach Dave at Tahuichi Academy in Bolivia

At the age of 33, I went on a spiritual (aka soccer) quest to Santa Cruz Bolivia to visit the world renowned Tahuichi Soccer Accademy.  The Academy is renowned because of their ability to lift Bolivian boys out of poverty by teaching them to become great soccer players and good citizens who earn either professional soccer contracts or scholarships to US Universities.

The trip was organized for boys 13-18 to live with a Bolivian family and train with the famous coaches of the Academy for one month.

I called the organizer and told him I HAD to go.  After a few minutes he asked: “Wait a minute… how old are you?”

I did a quick calculation in my head to see if I could still “pass” for 18.  I decided against it and told him I was 33.

He said I was crazy to want to go and train with these teenagers and he wasn’t sure if any Bolivian family would want to adopt a 33 year old “kid” for a month!

Well after much deliberation they accepted me for the trip.

This audio is the story of what happened…

Click to play the audio  << The Audio is here

The BIG point of the story is this: if you want to become GREAT at something, the BEST thing you can do is immerse yourself in a winning environment.

Coaching Concepts

The environment ALWAYS wins.

Here is the quick explanation of why this is true…

1) Winning means creating the results in the world that you desire.

A Result is something that you can not control but you CAN influence with your skill, strategy and attitude.
The key point is that results require interaction in the world.

2)  Becoming Precedes Results

In order to create a new result in the world you must first BECOME someone who can influence “the world” in a particular way.

This will require new skills, ideas, approaches, experiences, attitudes and a lot of things that can’t be exactly defined!

3) You BECOME by adapting to your environment

This is a fundamental truth that will change your life forever: You become who you are by adapting to your environment.

Yes, you start with core unique attributes which is why different people will adapt to the same environment in different ways, BUT it is still the environment that shapes you.

The world influences you so that you can then influence the world.

4) You can choose and create your environment!

This is the big one.  When you are small you naturally adapt to the world you are born into.

However, once you become a self-determined person, you start to choose and create your environments.  If you look back on your life you can see how you have done this by choosing your friends and your activities etc.

NOW, the key is to design it consciously and creatively!  You can design the world around you to mold you into the person you want to become to create the results and experiences you most desire!

We call this designing your Personal Success Academy.  It is MAGIC!

Coaching Questions

Here are a few coaching questions to get you started on the path to a winning environment:

1) What results do you most want to create?
remember: this means how do you want to influence the world in some way.

2) Who do you need to become to create these results?

3) What experiences will you need to become this person?

4) What challenges will you need to face to become this person?

5) What new ideas will you need to explore to become this person? (the Memetic environment)

6) What close colleagues will you need by your side for this adventure? (the Relationship environment)

7) What types of places will you need to be in to become this person? (the Physical environment)


The ideas from this post are part of our World Power Method program; part of our Center for Coaching Mastery Curriculum.


DaveMediaCircle-pngLoving Life,

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

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About Coach Dave, MCC, MBA…
Coach Dave Buck is one of the leading visionaries in the field of professional coaching.  He was a personal protege and collaborator with the late Thomas Leonard, the founding father of professional Life Coaching. He was one of the first 6-figure life coaches in the world and ICF Member #72. He has over 20,000 hours of 1-1 coaching and has trained thousands of coaches in the coaching and business methods he has developed.  He is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield and fellow luminaries of the Human Potential Movement.