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Click here to watch the webinar replay!CoachVille Partner Lisa Nichols
Two weeks back I invited you to a webinar with my friend Lisa Nichols, one of the best coaches in the speaking game!

Lisa and her business partner Sean shared some great ideas on how to take your speaking to the next level by sharing your story.
I used some of their ideas in a talk the very next week and it was awesome.

You probably know about Lisa already because she was prominent in the hit movie “The Secret”.
I met Lisa 10 years ago when we were both founding members of the Transformational Leadership Council and we were both wondering what the heck we were doing there will all those powerful luminaries!
Since I have known her, Lisa was great in front of the room, but I have seen over the years that her ability to tell her stories has gotten better and better.

When you see someone get better at something, you know that they have become a student of “the craft”; not just “a natural”.

Speaking in public is a game of influence.  And… (I know I don’t need to tell you this but…) when you want to play a game better, you need a great coach who knows the game.

In case you don’t know Lisa, here are a few details…

  • Lisa is the CEO of a multi-million dollar personal development company,
  • a NY Times best-selling author,
  • she was one of the featured teachers in “The Secret”,
  • and she is a fellow founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council

Lisa presented the webinar with Sean Smith, who was recently named “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker”

On the webinar replay, you’ll learn…

  • How to master the art of story telling to become UNFORGETTABLE
  • The 5 Components of Captivation
  • How to enroll more people into your coaching programs with grace & ease
  • And so much more!

The Winner! 

After the webinar CV Member Patricia Alley was selected for the ‘Presentation makeover’… Awesome!

Loving Life,

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA