Topic: A Virtual Gathering for Woman Leaders

(With a little CoachVille spice 😉

Pre Summit Dates: October 5 – 9
I will be presenting on Monday October 5, at 4PM ET
CV Graduate Lise Janelle presents Monday October 5 at 7PM ET
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CV Coach and former CV faculty member Mary Engel (aka the management coach) has organized a great event called the Global Woman and Leadership Summit.The Management Coach Mary Engel

aka GWALS.

Here are a few reasons I recommend that you check it out:

1) Mary is awesome and it’s great to support fellow CV members doing big things!

2) Coaching and leadership go hand in glove! So it is essential that you stay in pursuit of innovative leadership ideas.  In the GWAL Summit Mary has organized a diverse group of (mostly) woman leaders with diverse perspectives.  I have signed up for a few sessions myself!

3) CV Certified Coach Lise Janelle is presenting about Courage in Leadership (YES! More CoachVille Spice).

4) I will be presenting my new talk: DREAM TEAM COACH.  If you are a leader, this is the next level.
I think you will find if engaging and fun!  I will be going deep into why we must transform our mindset from Management Science to Coach Approach AND how to do it.

To register for any and all of the pre-summit presentations click here
AND get the details for the full summit if you are so inspired.

Let’s share some love with the CoachVille Tribe!

Loving Life!

Coach Dave