The transformation from “complete tasks” to “create results”

A gateway to loving your life!

This is a MAJOR transformational opportunity that will impact something so precious that it is almost hard to describe.Coaching Creates WOW Results



From: An Industrial Age Worker Completing Tasks
TO: A Connected Age Player Co-creating WOW Results

In our Deep Dive conversation we will explore how the task orientation of the Industrial Age suppresses the wonder of life, while results orientation of the Connected Age – with the requisite opportunity to learn from mistakes, chaos and failure – will bring great JOY to your life.

We will explore the deeper meaning behind the 3 elements of the “Results Tier” of the Coaching Super Powers Trapezoid.
Explore the Super Powers here.
Play and Coach for WOW Results by deepening our human desire to: THINK, CO-CREATE and LEARN.

BIG AWARENESS: A result is anything that you CAN NOT control, but you CAN influence with your strategy, creativity, resourcefulness, energy, skill and even luck!
Playing for WOW results is what great coaching is all about.

Essential Distinction: Work on the tasks you can control vs. Play for the results you can influence.

3 Provocative Explorations!

YouInspireMeCircle-30-png1) THINK

It is essential in our own lives and for everyone we coach to transform our activities from tasks to games in pursuit of results!
Go deep into your desires.  How do you want to WOW the world?
THINK of what is possible if you are willing to risk failure and learn from it rather than continuing to only do what you can control without making any mistakes.

Bring your “TODO List”!  We are going to do a Major Makeover together on the call!


2) CREATE: What results could you create if you were willing to unleash ALL of your talents? ALL of your quirky ideas? ALL of your personal Super Powers.
What is the unique WOW result that you are here to create? And for whom?

As a Coach your purpose is to CO-CREATE WOW results with your players!
What if you threw out the “rule book” about what it means to be a coach and did EVERYTHING in your power to help your players win?

YouInspireMeCircle-30-png3) LEARN: The truth is: when you play for WOW results, most of the time you DON’T make it.  Are you willing to go for it anyway? Are you prepared to learn from EVERYTHING?  Are you willing to embrace the chaos AND the conflict that occurs when you dare to be different?

Lets explore your latest pursuit of WOW where you failed.  I hope you have one!  What did you learn? How did the experience energize you?
What about an experience where your player failed?  Are your players failing?  I hope so.  If they aren’t, you are not coaching big enough players!

This is how you really come alive! Are you ready to play AND Coach at this level?


I hope so.  Let’s talk about it and find out together.


Before the call: Notice where you assign yourself tasks.  Ask yourself this coaching question: what is the result in the world that I want to create?

Our Intention: that we will all leave the call with a clear focus on the WOW results we aim to create within our tribes and the courage to play for them.


YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngYou will meet some awesome colleagues via our conversational learning method.
And you will expand your personal network WHILE you are on the call. That is a great result.

Deep Dive Logistics

Date: Friday October 30, 2015 1:00 PM ET – 2:30 PM ETDeep Dive Coach Training Conversations
Bonus: Create Results Coaching Marathon with Coach Dave… Immediately following from 2:30-4:00 PM ET

Where: Your phone and computer (optional) on our amazing Maestro Social Webinar

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Coaching Visionary Dave Buck, MCCLoving Life,

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

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About Coach Dave, MCC, MBA…
Coach Dave Buck is one of the leading visionaries in the field of professional life and business leadership coaching.  He was a personal protege and collaborator with the late Thomas Leonard, the founding father of professional Life Coaching. He was one of the first 6-figure life coaches in the world and ICF Member #72. He has over 20,000 hours of 1-1 coaching and has trained thousands of coaches in the coaching and business methods he has developed.  He is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield and fellow luminaries of the Human Potential Movement.