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It’s a BIG Moment!Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Hey there! Coach Dave here with you.

For most people who coach, there was a moment when we KNEW we were going to become a coach. It is a big moment in our lives.

YOU are here so that means you have already had that moment. WOOO HOOOO! Maybe it was earlier today. Maybe it was 25 years ago… or somewhere in between.

My SPARK moment happened 21 years ago and I still remember it vividly.  I share about it in the audio. It’s fun.
In a recent Play 2 Win class I asked the students to share their SPARK to coach stories. I curated a few of them for the audio. They are inspiring.

SHARE your SPARK moment!

I am really looking forward to reading your SPARK story! And I am going to curate a few of these stories together into a collection to share with everyone. So FUN!

I will collect the stories on the TEAM CoachVille Gamecard.

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TEAM CoachVille “Collections”

I am so excited about this element of TEAM CoachVille. Together we will co-create a variety of resources that we can all benefit from, and in some cases share with our clients as well. This SPARK story collection is just the first of MANY collections.

Connection and Credibility

Coaching is such an interesting field that “how did you get into that?” is often one of the first questions we hear from someone after we tell them that we are Coach.

So it is pretty important to be able to share your story in a way that creates connection and credibility.

I share a few ideas about how to do this in the SPARK to Coach article(PDF).

Thanks to the CV students in the audio!

Casey Czuj: shared about how she hired a life/business coach and he told her that she should become a coach.

Nancy Chrisman, PCC: shared about how she knew in 2000 when someone told her SHE would be a great coach. She started researching but she wasn’t ready. The dream stayed with her and then in 2010 she went back to the same web sites she looked at back in 2000 and jumped in to CoachVille!

Augusta Krahl: She has been an athlete so she knew about the power of coaching. When she got into helping others with nutrition she found that they needed coaching more than they needed information. She met a Life Coach in her office space who was a CoachVille Coach. She listened to a CoachVille audio and knew coaching (and CoachVille) was for her.

Christine Mungai: shared about how she was in a life/career transition because she was unhappy in her job. She hired a coach. Having a coach inspired her so much that she knew she wanted to be a coach too. She tried to “shake off” the idea, but it stuck to her. Funny!

Rick Osmon: Rick had a thriving business in real estate. But after a facing a personal challenge, he knew he needed to do something with a greater purpose. After a little research into coaching, he knew he had found his path!

TEAM CoachVille

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Coach Dave

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