Coaching Audio from the Simply Brilliant Program

This is an audio of an “Open coaching” session from the July 2018 Simply Brilliant Program.

The BIG idea behind the Simply Brilliant program is a new framework
From: Business is Work
To: Business is Performance Art;

As a  Performance Artist our aim is to create meaningful experiences with and for our prospects and clients.

In this session you will experience Transformational Play… this is where as the coach I jump into play WITH the player – Coach Deniz Kember  – so that she can experience herself in a new way.

As her coach I am her partner in BECOMING the next better version of herself.

Our players want better results and new experiences… BUT… becoming always precedes new results! So we need to guide our player on the path of becoming a new/better version of themselves so that they can create the new results.

Also in this session you will experience The Inner Freedom Method.

Here is the Audio. Feel free to download it and take it with you for a walk, jog or drive!

Here is a brief time line.

The coaching session is about 55 minutes.
This is followed by a 30 minute debrief with the coaches from the current Simply Brilliant Cohort.

00 Introduction
03 Coach Deniz shares her coaching dream
08 Coach Deniz shares her ideal player profile
12 We set up the Role Play
14 Start the Role Play
19 Start the Inner Freedom Method
35 Connect the dots
37 Coach Dave explains the “dissociated experience” And why the pathway to freedom is through the body
44 Create a new way to BE
45 Role Play Again
48 End the Role Play and Debrief with Deniz
55 Debrief the Session with the Coaches on the call

You can learn more about the Simply Brilliant Program here!