Announcement: November 26, 2018

The “Play Life Manifesto” is a revolutionary new approach to live your dreams using transformational play written by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck, MBA, MCC.

The 22 ideas in this manifesto will be real game changers for you if you aim to play life bigger or coach life better. If you have a dream to play BIG in the world – for example in a business, community or cause – this Manifesto will uplevel the way you pursue your dream.

CoachVille will host a series of Facebook Live events with Coach Dave to support the launch of the Manifesto. The first event will be an Introduction to the Manifesto and will air on Tuesday November 27th at 6:30 PM ET.  Most of the events will take place at 6:30 PM ET.

On each 20-25 minute event, Coach Dave will share about one of the 22 BIG ideas and why it is essential for success in the Connected Age.

As a part of each presentation, viewers will be invited to participate with the CoachVille community in a truly unique experience: The TEAM CoachVille Gamecard.  The TEAM CoachVille Gamecard is where CV members earn points for sharing ideas and experiences and applying what they learn in their lives.  It is an engaging, fun and powerful way to meet amazing colleagues.

The complete Play Life Manifesto PDF is available for free for CoachVille members.
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The complete schedule of FB Live Events:

Tuesday 2018-11-27 6:30 PM ET – Introduction; FB Video

Wednesday 2018-11-28 5:30 PM ET – 1) Leap onto the playground; FB Video

Thursday 2018-11-29 6:30 PM ET – 2) Share Your Dream; FB Video

Friday 2018-11-30 6:30 PM ET – 3) Live Your Dream NOW; FB Video

Friday 2018-11-30 7:00 PM ET – 4) Jump into the Gap: FB Video

Monday 2018-12-03 6:30 PM ET – 5) Re-Invent Your SELF through play; FB Video

Tuesday 2018-12-04 4:10 PM ET – 6) Exercise Your Superpowers; FB Video

Wednesday 2018-12-05 6:30 PM – 7) Reveal Super YOU; FB Video

Thursday 2018-12-06: 6:30 PM – 8) Cultivate Judgment Free Awareness; FB Video

Thursday 2018-12-07 7:00 PM – 9) Craft Your Play Rhythm {Thursday Double Feature}; FB Video

Friday 2018-12-07 4:30 PM ET – 10) Think of Your Play Plan; FB Video

Monday 2018-12-10 6:30 PM ET – 11) PLAY!; FB Video

Tuesday 2018-12-11 6:30 PM ET – 12) Embrace (seek) challenges; FB Video

Wednesday 2018-12-12 6:30 PM ET – 13) Devour Feedback; FB Video

Thursday 2018-12-13 6:30 PM ET – 14) Celebrate YOU!; FB Video

Friday 2018-12-14 4:00 PM ET15) Rejuvenate YOU!; FB Video

Friday 2018-12-14 4:30 PM ET  – 16) Practice Conversations; FB Video

Monday 2018-12-17 6:30 PM ET  – 17) Make Your Mind Your Ally; FB Video

Tuesday 2018-12-18 6:30 PM – 18) Expand Inner Freedom; FB Video

Wednesday 2018-12-19 6:30 PM ET – 19) Uplevel Your Environments; FB Video

Thursday 2018-12-20 6:30 PM ET – 20) Hire a Coach; FB Video

Friday 2018-12-21 4:00 PM ET21) Become a Coach; FB Video

Friday 2018-12-21 4:30 PM ET22) LOVE!; FB Video