A Good Manifesto Sparks a Purposeful Revolution!

Hey there, Coach Dave here.

Resolution: the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, procedure, etc.

Revolution: a sudden, complete or marked change in something

Let’s skip the annual “resolving” to work hard in isolation. And instead let’s join together to co-create our unique individual plans to Play BIG in the world in 2019!

Following the release of the Play Life Manifesto I am excited to host a Virtual Playshop on January 4th 2019 as part of the TEAM CoachVille community and gamecard!

Together we will create a winning environment for YOU to free your mind from the Industrial Age of work and thrive in the Connected Age of Play. We are co-creating a Revolution to bring the Human Spirit of Play back to everyday life!

With coaching better and playing bigger, we can become fully expressed YOUnique individuals playing together for a better world.

Join me for a Virtual Playshop

Title: Play BIG 2019
AKA: New Year’s Revolution

Play Sheet: Download and Print the Play Life Play sheet

Date:  Friday January 4th 12 Noon – 4PM ET
Quick Link to the TEAM CoachVille Page  (Free for CV Members) get your personal bridge # there.

Together – using the amazing Maestro Social Webinar via phone + internet – we will engage in 4 hours of life-changing conversation and PLAY TIME!
We will each design our Play BIG Plans for 2019 with intense focus on transforming our business ventures from tasks to work on into a dream worth playing for!

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngClarify YOUR “BIG DREAM” that will engage your community, customers and team: Your Manifesto!
Key questions:
What is your SHARED dream?
What are your shared purpose and values?
How can you bring the Spirit of Play into your pursuit?
How will you and your TEAM pursue an important change in the world?

Every purposeful revolution requires an inspiring “manifesto”.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngClarify the “Objectives” of your dream including tangible outcomes, skills to master, WHO you will become AND upgrades to your environment (tools and toys);
These are the experiences you will play for every day!
Key question: What does success look like?

Setting out to play for experiences rather than complete tasks IS revolutionary.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngUse the Human RACE model to make your DREAM results and experiences the centerpiece of your day… NOT your task list!  What are the Results, Actions, Challenges and Evaluation you will play with every day while in pursuit of your success experiences.

Key question: What are the results that you can NOT control but you CAN influence with your energy, strategy and skill. (this is where you find your Play Life)

Putting your Dream experiences first and your tasks second IS revolutionary.  Let’s Play!

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngTHE Ultimate: Leave your Industrial Mindset behind and become a Coach Approach Leader and a Purposeful Player;
Key questions:

What superpowers are you ready to unleash?
What conversations are you ready to practice?
What fears are you ready to embrace?
What environments are you ready to uplevel? (aka World Power)

YOU are a YOUnique individual player in a connected world.

Find your tribe and Play ALL IN = THIS IS the revolution!

Life is NOT a game of solitaire!

Remember the Industrial Age Dictum: “Do your own work!” that you heard in school every day for 12 years.  It’s time to overthrow that idea out of your mind!

Rather than sitting alone and working – you will join in powerful Coach Approach conversation with “Play Life” colleagues.  The energy of co-creation is essential to playing BIG in the world.
As an Industrial-Age baby you were told repeatedly to “do your own work”.  This was a well-intentioned message with really bad side-effects.  We are not meant to create our lives or businesses by “working alone”!
You will craft a compelling play plan for your best year ever while also meeting several colleagues in the CoachVille Tribe of potential supporters and partners.

You will experience a powerful combination of Coach Approach AND compelling social technology.

The TEAM CoachVille Game Card

The New Year’s Revolution and the Play BIG 2019 Intensive is part of “TEAM CoachVille“, a CoachVille Community and “Game Card” where you play for your dream while in the company of others likewise engaged. We are playing together for a shared dream but each in our own YOUnique way.   Our purpose with the Team CoachVille game card and community is create a robust environment where you transform from a worker completing tasks to a player creating world changing results!

On the Game Card you earn points and badges by participating in conversations, taking actions and creating results in your real life and then sharing about what happened in a way that inspires others.
The actions are organized in “Missions” that will challenge you to use new skills and approaches in your business and life activities.  It is an engaging and fun way to create better results in your real life AND then connect with your CV team mates on the game card.

The TEAM CoachVille Game Card highlights the real life EPIC struggle between the Industrial Age / Management Science Mindset and the Connected Age / Coach Approach Mindset and Purposeful Play.

The community also features weekly virtual gatherings “Celebration and Learning Friday”  that will encourage and inspire you to keep playing and learn FAST from everything happening around you.

The TEAM CoachVille Community, the virtual playshop and all of the other calls and game card access are FREE for CoachVille members.

Quick Link to Get into the TEAM CoachVille Community < Here you will find the details for the Playshop and all of the other resources associated with TEAM CoachVille.