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Here are a few stories we curated for Friday 2019-01-11

From the Play Life Program…

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PL01 Coach Mission #1: I read the Coach Mission 1 playbook and sent out my REACH OUT message to to recruit 3 players for Play Life Coaching.  This is what I did…

Coach Chris Adang shared…CoachVille Coach Chris Adang

Excited to announce that the Play movement has begun. I have secured 2 players, and am close to finalizing a third. During the 5-10 minute exploratory conversations I confirmed that they had big dreams, and desired to play bigger to win, and were good candidates for the Play Life method. I emphasized that my role as their coach was to do exactly that – to help them achieve greatness by unlocking their true potential.

I sent out a modified script on FB – looking players that were ready to achieve their biggest goals in 2019. Above all else, nobody can do this alone. Together we are going to make amazing things happen!

Coach Dave: I LOVE that Chris identifies that he is part of the Play Movement! AWWW yeah!

Coach Mary McClements shared…CoachVille Coach Mary McClements

I’ve recruited 3 lovely folks who are excited to get started!! Today I reached out to them and said:

Dear A,
Thank you so much for being willing to work with me as I become a certified Life Coach. I’m confident that we’ll both learn a lot from each other but more importantly, I’m confident that we can unpack what steps you can take to strategically move toward what you really want in life. I can’t wait to see what we discover together!
I’d like to set up a weekly time to meet with you for the next 12 weeks (except for the week of February 24th!). Please let me know if there’s a day of the week that will work best for you. Our meeting time each week will be 30 to 60 minutes long. Perhaps we could have our coaching sessions over lunch?
Within the next week, I’ll be sending you a coaching ‘contract’. This contract is merely meant as proof to the certifying organization that you are receiving coaching but it also will answer some questions you may have about coaching. If you could review the contract, sign it and return it to me within 48 hours of receiving it, that will get us started!
I’m really looking forward to working with you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Coach Dave: Mary is jumping into “BEING the Coach” with her new player. I love that.
On a side note: I am always curious about why we look forward to “working with” each other. I know that is the “normal” thing to say and I know that this is my own pet peeve. I look forward to the day when we can write: “I look forward to coaching with you” and it won’t feel weird.

From the Team CoachVille Gamecard

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TCV04 My Big Dream 2019
Here are the AWESOME details about my BIG DREAM for 2019…

Coach Rebecca Boswell shared…CoachVille Coach Rebecca Boswell

Here are the AWESOME details about my BIG DREAM for 2019…

1) Clarity of attention and game(s) for myself and also out in the world, allowing others to choose my offerings easily and joyfully.

2) Allowing all of my power and potency to flow without governing or protecting it (consciously/subconsciously)

3) End the year with a thriving and engaged community of players who are expanding awareness, living fully, and celebrating positive outcomes from inspired action.

4) Allow others to assist me from their zones of genius, facilitating my capacity to flow more generously from my zone of genius.

5) Choose, implement, and employ systems for greater ease and flow in my business (and maybe even at home too!)

Coach Dave: I love that her dream includes building a team so that she can play a role best suited to her YOUNique genius.  SMART!

Play Life #1 Leap Onto the Playground
After reading Play Life #1 Leap Onto the Playground,
Please share your experiences, insights and questions that you have about this approach to life.

Coach Kimberly Divito shared…CoachVille Coach Kimberly Divito

The concept of leaping onto the playground is amazing. I struggled with the concept a bit at first and then I applied some inner freedom and placed myself back as a child, gearing up in school getting ready to run onto the playground. I felt that feeling, the rush, the excitement, the moment of oh wow I hope I get the trycycle {yea i went wayyy back} the moment the air hit my face and I just smiled.

I have been moving towards that same excitement level day by day with my life. It is sooo very freeing. I bound into the office and smile with anticipation of the first project I am going to touch. I get all worked up and ready for when I sit down to play with coaching, its an amazing feeling.

Coach Dave: so good.