CoachVille Members are Connecting – Enthusing – Choosing and Credible… on the game card!

Here are a few stories we curated for Friday 2019-02-01

From the Mentor Coach Program

(where each participant shares experiences of playing AND coaching)

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MC PLAY: I just stepped into my “Transformation Zone” and made a move in my game. This is what happened…

Coach David Sherrod shared…CV Coach David Sherrod

I had purchased a membership at our local science museum (COSI – Center of Science & Industy) which includes a +1 each time I attend.  My thought when obtaining it was to figure out how to use it with clients or prospects. So today I went to COSI with a friend to check it out.

One of the ideas I had was to go through the “Progress” section of the museum and then ask my guest (client or prospect) what someone would read about them if their picture were in this section.

Spending more time in the section today, though, I realized it’s set up to be the same street in the fictional town of “Progress,” one set in the late 1800s, the other in 1962.  “Fear” and “Hope” are common themes in the exhibit.

As you leave the exhibit, you are presented with a sign that reads “Consider your life today.  How might the streets of Progress look now for you?  What are your hopes and fears? What do science and technology mean to you?  What would your great-grandchildren think about you if they saw your picture here in your time period?”

I could spend a day there with someone.

Coach Dave: I love that David is finding a unique way to connect with potential players and partners face-to-face in an environment that can spark deep conversation. SMART!!!

Question: Where can you get more personal in how you approach your business relationships? People are yearning for deeper connections and provocative conversations… find a great environment and make the invitation!

From the Play Life Program…

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PL02 Play Mission #1: I just created a version 1 plan for my Play Life Dream RACE.  Here are the main elements…

Coach Thora Cooper shared…CV Coach Thora Cooper

The On Purpose Pursuit

My BIG game is becoming a Life/Couple Coach. The name of my game (& business) is “ON PURPOSE”

I’m fresh to the game, but I am stinkin’ excited!

This week my ACTIONS are:

Monday – Ask to coach mom & hopefully do it

Tuesday – Ask to coach boss & set up time for following day. Coach my Yoga Instructor & set up another date!

Wednesday – Update Facebook Bio to “Life Coach in Training” for positive feedback.

Thursday – Ask Ex-Husband if I can coach him & set up date

Friday – Tell someone in person I’m starting a Life Coach ‘project’ and will soon be starting a social media platform for people to learn more/ engage with me – ask them if they would be interested in checking it out

Saturday – Host a party (already in the works) Attempt to bring up new endeavor to my friends and seek their feedback

Sunday – Post a personal social media about the connection to people (tribe) and how it positively influences your game. Hope to get feedback!

Coach Dave: I love her enthusiasm! I love that she is bringing her passion to her Inner Circle to create a powerful environment for her dream!

Question: Remember your passion when you started coaching? Can you tap into that passion again and invite your inner circle to experience coaching with you?

PL01 Coach Mission #1: I read the Coach Mission 1 playbook and sent out my REACH OUT message to to recruit 3 players for Play Life Coaching.  This is what I did…

Coach Rebecca Boswell is back!…CoachVille Coach Rebecca Boswell

I asked myself who I would really love to work with.  Who would be fun?  Who is looking to play bigger without my prompting, and that I could contribute to in their process?  Who is looking to create instead of getting stuck in story of what has been and can’t be?    Since the start of this class I have reached out to 12 people.  I have one new client, 2 renewals, and 3 conversations scheduled this coming week to see if coaching with me is a fit.  I wonder who else I can reach out to that is asking for this…even if they are not aware of it yet?

Coach Dave: I Love that Rebecca is asking herself who would be FUN to coach. That is such a great question for a coach to consider.

Question: Who would be FUN for you to coach? Approach them with the idea!

Coach Hannah Frederick shares…CV Coach Hannah Frederick

PLM02 Play Mission:
Here are my peronal growth objectives for the Play Life Program…

  1. Play with confidence and courage
  2. Feel comfortable in the uncomfortable because that is where I will grow
  3. Believe that I have an incredible program and that I am credible to run it.
  4. Strive for the WIN, which is purchasing a home for those with MI/CD to live in as long as they wish

Coach Dave: I LOVE that Hannah is stepping into the transformation zone by owning her value as a Coach and Coach Approach Leader… “I am credible”.

Question: Where in your life / business can you step up and own your value?