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Episode 002 – Imagine the OTHER’s Experiences

A powerful exercise to Energize Your Dream (2 of 9)

Imagine your year playing out in a wonderful way. (like you did yesterday)

Except this time use your imagination to picture the experience from the perspective of the OTHER person: Your player, Your collaborator, Your Participant etc.

Then write out the details of the experiences as you imagine them.

Go beyond Industrial Age mindset of only focusing on what you can control to allowing yourself to imagine the possibilities for influence. 

For coaches… this is a very important exercise … because coaching is all about co-creating.





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David Buck


00:02 – Welcome

All right, hello to you coach Dave here with you. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches, powered by, where we are the champions of your dream to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players making the world a better place. All over the world, team play for transformation. This is episode number two, for December 24 2020.


00:38 – The Exercise

So in the first nine episodes, I am going to share with you some awesome exercises that you can use to energize your dream. And in Episode Number one, we talked about going beyond the industrial age mindset of accumulation, and stepping into the connected age by imagining the experiences of living your dream. Now today, we are going to use your imagination to push your energy even further out into the world, what you’re going to do is you’re going to imagine the same experiences that you explored and wrote about yesterday, except this time, you’re going to imagine them from the perspective of the other person.


01:36 – Why it matters

Now, this is really, really big. Okay, this is another powerful way to move beyond Industrial Age notions and Industrial Age mindset. Because think about the industrial age, we heard these type of things, oh, mind your own business, only focus on what you can control. These kind of ideas. But in the connected age, we need to transform from this delusion of control to the possibility of influence from being a worker on tasks to being a co creator, with other people, and a co creator with life. And this is especially important for all of us coaches, because we are co creators. That’s what coaching is. So we can’t only focus on ourselves, we have to focus on the other people, our players, because that’s what our thing is all about.


02:39 – Imagine the experience from the OTHER’s perspective

Okay, so the key to this exercise is to imagine your co created moments from the perspective of the people that you aim to influence with everything you do. So for example, you imagine a coaching session, and try to imagine your player having a big insight, doing a roleplay with you, and suddenly realizing they have so much more power than they realized or so much more possibilities that they never saw before. You know what that feels like to awaken to a new possibility. And so just push that in your imagination to the other person.


03:23 –

You can do this exercise imagining one of your existing players or one of your players from the past, if it helps you kind of localize your thoughts to put a person there. Or you could just have an imaginary person of who you want to be coaching who you imagine yourself coaching. Either way it works. The key is to imagine the other person.


03:45 A Few Examples

Another example: Imagine someone reading an article that you posted. You’re writing articles or sharing things on different social media. Imagine the other person reading it, getting a big insight having an aha moment, realizing something that they never saw before. Try to imagine it from the other person’s perspective. Think of all the things you want to do all of these big moments. Imagine doing a play shop on zoom and you see the other people but imagine what it’s like for them seeing you… being inspired. Also, you might be co creating things with with other partners with other people doing different co creative things. Imagine the other person just really being joyful and enjoying your company and enoying co creating with you. That’s the way you really push your energy further out into the world.


04:39 This is NOT Easy

Now this is not easy at all to do, okay. It takes practice and this is why it’s such an important exercise to do. And this is a great time to do it. Just to get started using your imagination in this way. This is something I hope you will continue doing throughout  the rest of your life. And, and just keep using this exercise to see yourself as a co creator.


05:07 Get in your comfy chair

Now the way to do this exercise is you find your comfy, place your comfy chair by window, wherever you can sit and be really quiet in a good space for 20-30 minutes. First, what you do is you just close your eyes. And imagine for a few minutes, the other people in all of these situations that you want to create in the coming year. And then you set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and just write out as many experiences as you can. I also did this myself the other day, and it was challenging, but really fun. And it really it gets energy, the more you write. So you know if at first you’re having a hard time trying to imagine the other person’s perspective, keep at it, eventually, your imagination will catch on. And it will really start to gain some momentum. And it is really, really fun and powerful.



So the key is to imagine what is happening for the other person, Imagine the experiences that you want to co create with other people, and just try to see it from their perspective. The people that you’re guiding the people that you’re serving the people that you are co creating with.



You want to see it. you want to feel it. you want to write it.



Then if you are brave, the final step is to share what you wrote, with someone; with someone on your team, someone that you care about; your coach, whoever that might be. But share it – speak it – that also will amplify the energy.


06:45 Please Share

Alright, that’s all for this episode. Feel free to share this with your players or anyone else that you know, would love to learn more about coaching. And that’s it. All right, I really enjoyed sharing this with you. Have an awesome day. I’ll be back with you tomorrow. And you can find the transcript of this episode as well as lots of other awesome things for coaches and players on our website.



Until the next time remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why there’s coaches.