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Episode 008 – Activate The Spirit Of Play

A powerful exercise to Energize Your Dream (8 of 9)

When you energize your dream it becomes a magnet for opportunities, support and challenge.

All of these will ask you to grow… the way you grow is through play.

The Industrial Age Mindset wants you to stay in isolation in the box never making any mistakes.

Your dream wants you out the world playing to co-create value with other people.

Activate your spirit of play with WONDER questions.

I wonder how I can have more fun doing this. I share a few examples.

The exercise:

Find your access to play. Experiment, Explore, Curiosity, Creativity, Fun

Then write down as many ideas as you can in 15 minutes.

Some of them you will do in the new year!

Have FUN!



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David Buck


00:00 Activate the Spirit of Play

You can energize your dream by activating the spirit of play. This is the champion of dreams podcast. Let’s play.



Hello to you coach Dave Buck here with you very excited to be with you today. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches, powered by, where we are the champions of your dreams to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players making the world a better place all over the world. team play for transformation. This is episode number eight for December the 30th 2020.


01:01 Energize Your Dream

And today, we continue our adventure through nine ways to energize your dream. So the big question we are playing with today is one of our favorites at CoachVille and one that we love to encourage coaches to ask their players all the time, one that you should wonder to yourself often. And that is: how can I bring the spirit of play into this? How can I bring the spirit of play into everything I am doing?


01:35 Your Dream is a Magnet

Now, before we get into the spirit of play, there’s something I’ve been meaning to share with you about this whole energize your dreams concept, especially yesterday when we were talking about sharing your dream with your dream team. When you energize your dream, it becomes a magnet. When you talk about your dream with your dream team that strengthens the magnet. This is essentially how coaching works at a metaphysical level.  As your players share with you about their dream, they’re speaking their dream that energizes the dream. And then the dream becomes more magnetic, to opportunities to support and to challenges. Opportunities, keep us growing. Support keeps us growing challenges, especially keep us growing.


02:35 It’s all about growth

Basically, it’s all about growth, which is a really good segue to our topic today. Because the big purpose of our dreams in our lives is to grow. And the way we grow, the way we become the next version of ourselves every day is through play. When you play, you grow, when you don’t play, you don’t grow. It’s a pretty simple formula.


03:07 Activate the spirit of play

So to really energize your dream, you have to activate the spirit of play. Now remember, in session number three, we talked about these four pivotal moments of social play, relate, create, explore, and experiment. And when you think about it, these four things are actually really, really fun. They can be really, really fun, except that a lot of times they don’t feel super fun, because of the industrial age mindset that gave us so much fear around doing these four things.


03:45 Transcend Industrial Mindset

And so this is really important. And that’s really a big idea of this whole energize your dream idea. And the big idea of coaching is for all of us to transcend the industrial mindset. A couple of key words that you can add to your list and understanding play would be curiosity, resourceful, resilient, and having fun. And then here’s the idea to remember and just understand that the industrial age aim to make us an extension of the machine. The Industrial Age was all about the machine. And the idea was to get us isolated, get us in the box where we’re just doing the work, completing the tasks and don’t make any mistakes. That was the idea.


04:39 You can keep the Industrial job… but lose the Industrial mindset

And a quick societal note at the present time. A lot of people on the earth are in  Industrial Age jobs. That is a present reality. This is going to change rapidly over the next 10 years for sure. But right now, a lot of folks and perhaps you are in an industrial age job. You just can’t make any mistakes, you just got to do it right every time, that sort of thing. So if you or one of your players are in a job like that, then the key is to bring the spirit of play to every aspect of your life outside of your job. You can keep the job if you need to, and keep growing. But you have to lose the mindset. Keep the job, lose the mindset. That’s the big idea here.


05:30 Activate the Sense of Wonder

Because your dream, whatever your dream is, wants you to play wants you to become wants you to have a greater impact on the world and the people around you. Okay, so how do we do this? That’s the big question. Your dream wants you to play your dream wants you to become. Well you do this by starting with the sense of wonder. Wonder is really a key to playfulness. I wonder how I could make this more fun. I wonder how I could do this in a new way. Activate your sense of wonder, that is the way to activate your spirit of play.



So let me give you a little example. I was definitely an industrial age person. You know, even when we’d be playing games, when I was a kid, I was always the one who is reading the instructions, because I wanted to make sure we were playing the right way. Okay, I was really big on: we’ve got to do this, right. So when I started coaching, I was coaching a lot. And I had this mindset of: I want to do this the right way. Okay, I was really the same thing focused on wanting to do it right.


06:55 How can I make coaching more fun?

And I started to wonder, hey, how can I make coaching more fun? Why am I sitting at a desk all day? This is not the life I want. It’s my business. It’s my life. Why am I sitting here in this little desk doing my coaching? This doesn’t make sense. As a life coach, I have to live the life of my dreams so I can light the path for others. So I started to really wonder how can I make coaching more fun. And I started to do something that I think is really awesome I call walk and talk. I love walking and coaching. I love walking barefoot on the beach barefoot or on a grassy field. I’m coaching, I’m connected to the earth – cell phones made this possible. That’s so awesome. I can walk anywhere. And when I have my feet on the earth, I have better insights anyway. So it’s better for my players. And it’s way better for me. And as a bonus, I aced my step game for the day.



So this is great. it’s about finding a way to do it in a way that’s more fun for you, when you’re having more fun, when you’re more playful, you’re becoming you’re becoming the next version of you. And that’s better for everyone. And you know, as just a quick side note, when I get back from walking around doing my coaching, I just sit down for a minute and jot down a few notes. So I remember what’s happening.


08:31 Get out of the Industrial Box

The idea is, whatever you’re doing, find ways to get out of the industrial age box. Instead of isolate, co create, get involved with other people. It’s more fun, and whatever you’re doing, it will be better.


08:49 Allow yourself to Wonder

So think about it. Wonder how can I make writing more fun? How can I make marketing more fun? Think about that question. Let the answers come to you. Now, for example, with these podcasts, I write down an outline, and then I go out walking in the sun, let the ideas flow, then I come in and record and it It’s awesome. At least I think it is! Hopefully you think so too. But the key is just really allow yourself to imagine-  use your imagination- use your sense of wonder. Almost everything you are doing, there’s a way to do it more playfully and have more fun. Okay.


09:31 The Exercise

Let’s get into the exercise. So the exercise is to get into your comfy place. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Then choose your access to play. Whatever your access is: experimenting, exploring creativity, curiosity, fun, whatever really gets you into that playful zone. Get into that zone and then write down as many ideas as you can think of, you can play the game of writing down 15 experiments, write down 15 creative things. You can do write down 15 things that would be more fun for you, for your life, for your business. That’s the idea. And then at some point, you will want to do some of these things in the new year, and that will be great.


10:24 Please Share This

All right. So this was super fun. I love talking about the spirit of play. Feel free to share this with your players with anyone you know, who wants to play big as a lot of people who could use this message, and especially anyone you know, who would love to learn more about coaching. Have an awesome day. I will be back with you tomorrow. You can find the transcript of this episode as well as lots of other awesome ideas for coaches and players on our website And until the next time remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why we are coaches.