Starter Program

Self Study Starter Program ECourse

Are you ‘just getting started’ and want a concise self study program that has everything you need to be successful and still allows you a low cost entry point that gets you in the game quickly? This program provides you a challenge and a road map – 2 powerful courses (1 six wk and 1 twelve wks), 2 Practicum Recordings and Step Up and Stand Out – Business Academy Level 1! Then if you love it, (and we know you will), and want to upgrade to the full Center for Coaching Mastery – YOU CAN!

Basic Coaching Skills & Ethics

Fun With Fundamentals
6 2.5 hour sessions; 1-hour bonus recording; 16 hours total

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way.  Practicing the basic skills of the coaching craft is valuable for new and experienced coaches alike. In this program you will review the coaching ethics and agreements (as defined by the International Coach Federation) in a lively group dialogue featuring challenging real life situations. Then you will delve into and practice the nine fundamental coaching skills; also known as the core competencies. Your ability to demonstrate all 9 skills at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

3 key Points

Skills are your foundation for excellence

We will cover each of the 9 Core Coaching Competencies one at a time in a way that makes them easy to use and remember; and demonstrate how each skill naturally leads to the next.  To be a master craftsperson you must know and practice the basic skills – over and over again.  Using     our active learning method, you will learn each skill through observation and practice.  This is important because your ability to demonstrate these skills is what will ultimately lead to your certification.

How to talk like a coach with the Spirit of Play

When you look at the nine core skills, they look pretty… well… basic!  They are. They key is how do you MASTER them through continual practice and how do you use them in a coach-like manner.  It is VERY easy in a coaching session to fall into conversational patterns that you are familiar with like friend, boss, colleague, parent (or counselor, therapist if you have done these).  The Spirit of Play and Play Pattern language set the coaching profession apart from every other profession.  When you keep your conversations around playing big and playing better you will never be confused with another type of professional.  It is essential for you, your players and our profession that you learn how to apply these skills as a Coach.

The Pursuit of Human Greatness

The key distinction is how you balance support and challenge.  To become great you must be challenged out of your comfort zone and then fully supported as you face these challenges.  You will learn how to do this using the basic coaching skills.

Play Two Win Method TM Coaching

Pursue Human Greatness

12 2.5 hour sessions; 30 hours total

Learn the powerful nine step coaching method where you elicit the human spirit of play by guiding your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.  You will learn how to combine your personal experience with the method to provide what every player wants from their coach: confidence that you can help them win through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and a winning environment.  You will learn how to provide the right balance between support and challenge that leads to human greatness. Your confidence as a coach will soar as you master this method.

The Details

3 Key Points

1) Any endeavor can be a playable, coach-able game
The Purpose of Coaching:

Guiding an individual or team to PLAY BETTER and win on their own terms

If you are a coach/manager You will achieve much better performance from EVERYONE around you with less stress and more fun by designing a winnable game and focusing on playing better each day.

Our theory is that any endeavor in life can be played as a winnable game worth playing. If a game is worth playing then it is also worth playing better which means it is coach-able! In this program you will learn how to create a winnable game and use it as the foundation of every coaching relationship – with every player you coach. You will also learn how to spot an unwinnable game and correct it before it leads to frustration for your player.

When we say any, we mean ANY!  You can make a game out of business, career, relationship, health, basketball, spiritual quest, personal growth, community leadership, personal leadership… ANYTHING.

2) The Heart of what people expect from a Coach

The program gets to the heart of what most people expect from a coach:

  1. The ability to teach them how to play the game better by helping them learn, practice and refine the skills of the game AND
  2. The ability to guide them with an effective personalized game plan.
  3. The ability to debrief the game to facilitate development and learning. You must be able to celebrate successes in a way that expands awareness and to debrief losses in a way that promotes growth and restores their desire to get back into the game.

To do these things you must have a solid knowledge of the game and a clear method for guiding them to the results they desire. Your players trust you to have a way of doing things that is reliable, consistent and grounded in experience.

Your players / clients trust you to have a way of doing things that is reliable, consistent and grounded in experience.  They expect you to have solid knowledge of the game and a clear method for guiding them to the results they desire.

In many coaching theories and schools of thought, knowledge of the game is grossly overlooked, even dismissed. Not here. We know that your knowledge, wisdom and experience is one of your greatest assets as a coach and in this program we show you how to refine it and leverage it for the maximum benefit of your players / clients.

We will help you put this together in this program.

3) The value of a method

This is a method-based course. You will learn how to do each part of the method step- by- step, then add your wisdom and expertise to make it your own. While you are at it, you will also learn how to be a player and experience coming alive in a winnable game.

If you are a professional coach in practice or in training this program will provide you with something of extreme value: a METHOD.  While excellent coaching relies on communication, intuition and other “soft skills”, a method is your gateway to consistent and predictable results.

The purpose of the method is to create a framework to guide you toward helping people play better and win. You supply the knowledge of the game based on your experience and the basic coaching skills such as asking powerful questions, active listening and direct communication. The method does the rest.

The method has a natural flow, but is not always linear. A method is a predictable process designed to produce consistent results. While there is a natural flow to the nine distinct steps in the process they are not necessarily linear. Typically you will use the nine steps in order when first working with a new player; Defining the purpose comes first and designing the actions comes next and so on. But once you are really coaching with someone the steps can be used in any order depending on the situation.

Step Up And Stand Out

A powerful business program exclusively for Professional Coaches.

Hey Coach!stepupstandout-product200X200v2-gif
Coach Dave Buck here with a potentially challenging AND business transforming question:

Who have you earned
the right to coach?

Probably no one has asked you this question directly. BUT, most people that you talk with about your coaching service WILL ask themselves this question about you.


You answer this question with every conversation
you have and everything you say or write
about your coaching business.

BIG Truth #1:

Unless YOU KNOW that you have earned the right to Coach, very few people will ever hire you.

Your energy is ALWAYS flowing.  When you are talking to someone they feel the energy you are exuding.  Are you exuding… “I have earned the right to coach you!”?

BIGGER Truth #2:

You do NOT earn the right to Coach by Coach Training.
You EARN the Right to Coach by playing BIG in life.

Then you become masterful as a Coach through training and practice.
This is why before you do ANYTHING else – including coach training – you MUST declare and articulate HOW you have earned the right to coach and WHO you have earned the right to coach.


You have already earned the right to coach a large number of people.

However, you may not know it yet because you have grossly underestimated the incredible value of your life experiences! (not to worry: We all do this) AND/OR you have never taken the time to declare this clearly and powerfully.
(We will do this together)

Through a series of powerful conversations, group exercises, individual reflection exercises and “reach out” exercises…

You will powerfully declare:
HOW you have earned the right to Coach and
WHO you have earned the right to Coach.