Play Life Coaching

Hey there! Coach Dave here with you.

Inviting you to explore the CoachVille Agency Play Life Coaching Program!

Play Life Coaching is a 12-week 1-1 coaching program where you will experience personal transformation, life-changing results AND FUN!

Your coach will guide you on a journey where you:

Clarify your Dream of what you want to do in the world right NOW
It can be a business, career, community or personal quest.

Explore who you need to become to live your Dream Now
Every BIG dream requires personal growth

Co-Create an action plan that utilizes your Superpowers
Your Dream will call for you to be AWESOME!
Don’t know your Superpowers? Don’t worry, we will help you discover them!

Cultivate the Inner Freedom to play outside of your comfort zone
Every Dream of playing BIG will bump into the social fears you learned earlier in life

Develop a winning environment for sustainable success
Willpower alone will not get you there; we show you how to utilize World Power!

You will love it!

Then after your Play Life coaching program you can choose where you want to focus next: Superpowers, Inner Freedom or World Power.

The 4 12-week programs define our Year of Transformation Coaching Program!

How to get started!

1) Join TEAM CoachVille with a free membership. Click here to register!
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2) Give a quick read to the Play Life Manifesto
It will get you FIRED UP to hire a Play Life Coach

3) Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute “Share Your Dream” conversation.
This call with one of our coaches will energize YOU!

4) After this call we will find the perfect coach for you from our coaching team.
We have coaches at every level of experience and a variety of price points.
No matter where you are in life we have a coach for YOU and your BIG Dream! (and your budget)

Shares from the Game Card!

Every day our coaches share about what is happening with their players on their “GameCard”. We have so many inspiring stories.
Here are a few highlights and insights into the experience. It’s not about promising miracles! It’s about helping you play bigger and better every day!

Remember that Play Life Coaching applies to personal goals, business, career and community leadership.

A big thing that is YOUNique about a CoachVille Coach is that they PLAY WITH you to prepare you to live your dream…
they don’t just “talk about” it.

A leader learns co-creation

I challenged my player last week to identify his Superpowers. He texted me and we had some fun with emojis! Then a good conversation on the difference between Superpowers and Outcomes which got us going on co-creation vs — ?

Then then he came up with a great vs.: co-creation vs. me-creation! Love it. Great short hand for when he drops back into 20th Century Control mindset where he just tells his team what to do. Then this connected with his Superpower of combining patterns and he said “AHA! It is much more fun to look for patterns WITH my team and connect those through co-creation. Not just me-creation!” At the end of the session, he said it was a honor to have me as his coach. That felt good. – Coach Will Keller

Co-creating a “winning” environment

I love my players so much! I’m finally finding the players whose energy and games are a perfect fit for my superpowers. It’s SO FUN!

– I had a coaching session with my player K and she is becoming more acutely aware of the environmental attributes that contribute to and support her creative writing practice. It’s amazing so see how just an increase in awareness can open a pathway for a player for repeated success and ongoing results. She is so delighted to be unlocking the code! – Coach Erin Brimmer

Play Brings Out Her Best!

I had a call yesterday with Player 1, she has loved the play format! Her game is “A Game of Connection” where she has set out to create connections to engage more fully in all areas of life. Ultimately she wants to find a significant other, but she is finding it’s just as important to connect with non-romantic intent.

This week she said she connected with a Meet Up group in the area. When the coordinator reached out suggesting they talk on the phone that she hesitated for a moment, then realized the game she is playing and gave him her number and agreed to talk on the phone. She said, “Previously in my former small circle of life, I wouldn’t have given him my number.” But she said they had a great talk and she’s excited about the group. She also shared that she is connecting with colleagues in new ways and “it feels really good…. it’s taking me back to years ago when I enjoyed being with people.”  – Coach Leanne Woehlke

Role-Play with Coach Gary

In this session Player M and I observed that she had an internal dialog that was keeping her from taking the actions that we laid out as part of her game. I called a timeout and addressed it. She was thankful for that. We then did a quick role-play where she tried out a new internal dialog that was more empowering.

I had a conversation observation with Player E. She is preparing for a job interview. We role-played the presentation that she was going to give. After deliberation we agreed it would be best to practice her opening and transitions. E said she felt more confident after our session and ready to tackle her interview. – Coach Gary Ware

A Coach Approach Family

I ended my 12 sessions with player ‘J‘. Her game was to create an atmosphere of dropping ‘control’ and creating autonomy and independence in her kids. ‘J‘ came up with many games of her own for her kids to play to create the autonomy. For example, family meetings where they rotated who would lead the meeting. This person would lead and divide up the chores.  She also had them rotate dinner making and created a book club with her son who needed work on comprehension with reading in school.

At our last session, ‘J‘ thanked me and said she was a little uncertain how these coaching sessions would go but as we progressed she really liked them and the idea of the coach as a ‘sounding board’ in many ways where she always came up with the ideas with the ‘coaching’ from me, the coach.  We ended our 12 weeks on a very up beat mood. – Coach Julie Pearl

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