Proficiency 1:

Engages in Provocative Conversations


Coaching sessions are generally short. By hearing what the player is saying and not saying, by questioning what you hear, by asking the right questions, pressing for clarity, and by sharing what you know and how you feel, provocative conversations can occur within minutes, not months.

Find out what it means to be provocative and how you can start being provocative with your players.

Ways To Be Provocative:

  • Point to a much larger game
  • Point out a distinction
  • Introduce a new framework
  • Point to an “absence of” state
  • Introduce a possibility
  • Ask for a higher standard
  • Ask for an immediate change
  • Share a challenging concept
  • Decline to work on the focus
  • Ask the obvious question
  • Be silent
  • Find out the source of the problem