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Introducing the enrollment journey

Registering for a Coach Education program is a big move in life for a number of reasons! We honor this truth.

Our enrollment journey is meant to provide you with the information, inspiration, belonging and the support you need to jump in!!

Here is a quick overview of the steps on the journey.

Step 1
“Yes, I belong here”.

Step 1: Explore until you FEEL the “Yes, I belong here”

We have a lot to share about our amazing program. It’s 20 years in the making, so… yeah. Explore what interests you; you don’t need to read it all… that’s for sure!

The purpose of sharing all this is to allow you to feel that what we are doing resonates with YOU. (and to satisfy the folks who love to do a lot of research first! Even though I am not one of those. LOL)

If you get that feeling:

“Yeah, this is ME!”, OR

“Yeah, I want to be a part of this”, OR

“Yeah, This is where I belong!, OR

“”Yeah, this is what I have been searching for!”

Then… take the next step.

Step 2
Email Deanna

Step 2: Send an email to Deanna

It’s easy! Just send a quick email to Deanna.

Her email is cxo @ coachville. com (without the spaces)

CXO = Chief Experience Officer

What to write

A) Simply write a few sentences about why you want to become a Transformation coach.

B) Write out any burning questions that you have.

It can be really short; or a little bit longer.

We just want to get to know you a little bit

We really enjoy reading them.

It’s makes our day!!!

Step 3
Need a scholarship?

Step 3: Indicate if you desire an income-based scholarship.

Deanna will respond to start the connection.

She will ask you if you are interested in an “income-based” scholarship.

This is a super simple, non-invasive process.

She will send you a few guidelines. Then we use a little chart to find the numbers for you.

If you have the desire to become a coach, we will find a way to get you in.

Step 4
Exploratory call

Step 4: Set up Exploratory Call

In coaching, you always have an exploratory conversation to make sure you and your potential player are a good fit together.

It is the same thing here!

We want to make sure that we are a good fit for you and Deanna will answer any remaining questions that you have.

PLUS… Talking with Deanna is really affirming and fun. She is an amazing coach.

If you are going to register, Deanna will ask you if you want to pay your amount in full or if you need the 1-year payment plan.

Step 5
Say: “Yes” and register!

Step 5: Say: “YES!” and Register

You make the choice to jump in… and join our Champions of Dreams Team!

Awesome… Your community needs you. The world needs you!!

Deanna will send you a registration link.

If you need to pay in a way other than Amex, Maastercard or Visa, we will sort out an alternative payment method with you.

If you are receiving an income-based scholarship she will send you a formal scholarship offer.


Once your payment is complete you are registered!!!


Happy making.

Step 6
Meet Linda

Step 6: Set up Student Orientation call with Linda

Linda, our member support champion, will reach out to you to give you a quick online campus tour and get you set up for your first classes.

She will show you how and where to access all of the student resources.

She will be your go-to person for logistics challenges… or when you need a pep talk. She is awesome at that.

Step 7
Start class!

Step 7: Start Class. Yeah!!!

Depending on when you register, you may start with a self-study with a buddy class or you may start with a live class on Zoom.

Either way, your adventure begins!!


Being a CoachVille Transformational Coach…

You will become a wise soul with deep understanding and awareness of Human Nature.

You will become a “go to guide’ and leader because you foster personal growth, peak experiences and desired results.

You will become a happier and more playful person. For real.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the curriculum is organized with classes that focus on each of the essential superpowers of human nature; so you will gain in depth knowledge.

You will become a master at guiding the Human Journey by unleashing the unique power within each and every individual.


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program