Become one of the Elite Coaches in the World

Hey Coach!

Coach Dave here with you.Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

The Master Coach Master Mind Group Program is a 1-Year immersion program that will prepare you to earn your ICF Master Certified Coach Designation. Earning this designation will make you one of the elite coaches in the world. Awesome. There are only 800 MCC Coaches in the world because it is a VERY challenging designation to earn.

This program is for you if…

You have an ICF PCC and you are ready to go ALL IN for mastery.


You already have your MCC and you want to play for a new level of mastery.

Note: if you don’t yet have your ICF PCC, I recommend that you enroll in our Complete Certification Program.

On a practical note…

To earn your MCC you need these 4 things:

200 hours of coach training

You probably already have 125 because that is the requirement for your PCC
In this program you will acquire the next 75 hours!

2,500 hours of coaching

This is a LOT of coaching! To get there you are going to need a rocking coaching business.
We have you covered here! And you are going to grow like mad as a coach while you build your business.

10 Mentor Coaching Hours with an MCC Coach

I have you covered here. We will complete 7 of the hours in an intense small group format. The other 3 hours will be 1-1 with me.

2 Recordings of YOU coaching at the MCC Level

ahhh. This is the REAL challenge. Coaching at the ICF MCC level is a really juicy level to aspire to.  It is TOUGH! But it is so amazing when you can consistently coach at this level. I have you covered here as well with a life-changing REAL coaching method of observation and conversation.

Getting you to this level is the core essence of this immersion experience with me.

How to Apply

This is an intense small group experience and we are going to spend a year together…
so I choose the participants very carefully. (and you should choose me carefully as well!)

There are 3 steps:

  1. Write your 1-page application answering these 3 questions:
    A) Why do you want to become a Master Certified Coach
    B) What do you feel is the role of coaching in society (the short – 1 or 2 paragraph – version) ūüėČ
    C) Share one of your coaching success stories
  2. Email the application to me
    A) email to: coachdave @
    B) Subject Line: Coaching Master Mind Application
  3. Phone interview
    After I review your written application we will set up a call to explore our possibilities together.

I look forward to talking with you!!

Money and Logistics

The calls are on Mondays from 2 PM ET – 3:30 PM ET

You can start at the beginning of any month

Your investment is $1,000 / month; or you can save $2,000 by investing $10,000 up front

Your investment also includes lifetime access to our Center for Coaching Mastery  teleclasses and recorded programs
(Value = $7,500)