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Surf into greatness with our VIP Coaching Immersion ProgramSurf into coaching mastery with the VIP Immersion Program

If you are ready to “Play BIG” as a Professional Coach OR as a Coach Approach Leader for your enterprise (or both) then you need to get really good as fast as possible!

You can greatly accelerate the process by investing in yourself with this VIP package; a total immersion in personal transformation, coaching and coach training.

The VIP program combines our life changing Complete Certification Program WITH 9 months of Personal Transformation Coaching with CoachVille CEO Coach Dave, MCC, MBA.

The ultimate fast track to becoming a great coach is total immersion…

1) HAVING a great coach while you PLAY a big game that demands your best… Building your business.
2) Studying the best coaching methods and skills while USING them every day with the great players that you recruit.

While you are coaching with Coach Dave you will be supported and challenged to step into bigger and bigger opportunities to play and coach.  You will get immediate feedback and deep personal exploration around the many challenges that you will face in the world.

Hey Coach, Coach Dave here…

If you have a big game to play in life with your business, then I hope you will consider making this life-changing investment in yourself.

A BIG part of the reason I am where I am today as a leader in the Coaching Profession is because of my total immersion experiences with Coach Manny and Coach Thomas.

Coach Manny was the head Men’s soccer coach at Seton Hall U. and I was his assistant for 14 years! Coach Manny is in the Soccer Hall of Fame and talking with him and being around him and watching him coach and create results with the players on our team almost every day for 14 years was total transformation in the way I see coaching, playing and the world.

Coach Thomas – as you probably know by now – was the founding father of Professional Life Coaching.  Over a 5 year period I spoke with Thomas every single day about coaching, playing, business and life!  Thomas expanded the way I see the world and the way I deeply KNOW how to be a great coach.

My aim with this VIP program is to create with you the Immersion that you need to become a great coach and a great leader in way that is similar to my experiences with Manny and Thomas.

The Game Plan

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngWe will have 1-1 coaching sessions almost every week over a 9-month period.
We will coach on your life, personal brand, business AND on your challenges in coaching your players.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngWe will have quick check-in conversations in between sessions to stay connected. This is part of what I call ALL IN Coaching

YouInspireMeCircle-30-png I host exclusive small group retreats several times each year. You are always invited to these.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngYou will be in classes to learn all of the key concepts.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngYou will have access to a vast library of coaching and class recordings with me for your mp3 player!  As you listen you will immerse your mind in how great coaching is created and you will start doing it yourself.

This kind of immersion is an amazing process, great coaching will just start to pop out of you!
This is what happened to me during the years when I had both Thomas and Manny in my life at the same time.

The Money

The investment in this program is $20,000 if you pay up front; or $2,000 / month for 12 months.

For the purposes of price comparison, my fee for 3-months of 1-1 Coaching is $10,000; Students in our complete program receive a “family” discount and pay only $7,000.  The price of the complete program is $7,500.  So… this is $20,000 rather than $28,500 ($7,500 + (3 * $7,000)).

A great price for a life-changing investment in yourself and your business / career.

If you are serious about the VIP program, then please call me and we will schedule a “Conversation for Possibility”:

Call: 866-548-6516

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