Toe In

Dip your toe in coaching watersDip Your Toe into Coaching Waters!

Learning how to Coach is a BIG DEAL and we want to give you every opportunity to explore it fully with us.

Exploratory Conversation

Please call us – 866-548-6516 – to schedule a private “Coaching Possibilities” conversation with Coach Deanna our new student adviser.  She can help you define your BIG game and answer your questions about becoming a Professional Coach or Coach Approach Leader – Coach Deanna is both!  Our  intention is for YOU to play BIG in the world as a Great Coach!

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Observe any Class

We are happy to welcome you as an observer in any class.   Our classes are truly unique; including learning dialogues and breakout sessions. You have to experience one to understand what we mean. To observe any class simply call – 866-548-6516 – and ask for Deanna.  She will set you up a phone number and pin code for the teleclass. If you have a preference for the class you want to observe, just let her know.

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CoachVille Basic Membership

Another great way to ENGAGE with CoachVille is to become a CoachVille Member. You will have immediate access to a wealth of resources including extended clips, playbooks and coaching sessions from our classes.  In addition you will get a wealth of resources from our resource library for coaches including: forms, models, mistakes to avoid, attraction principles and recordings of our founder Thomas Leonard. CV Membership is a great idea even if you don’t decide to become a student in our school. We are happy to have you in either case.   Explore the benefits of free membership here.

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Coaching Super Powers “Living” Book

When you sign up for your FREE CoachVille membership you will have immediate access to Coach Dave’s Living book: Coaching Super Powers – Live your DREAM of creating a big impact in the world through life-changing conversations. The book is “living” in several ways…
1) Coach Dave is still writing and recording it. As new chapters are completed they are added to the pdf and podcast. You will get an email to let you know when new parts are added.
2) There is a CoachVille game card for each section of the book. Stories from you and your fellow readers are going into the book!
3) Another great thing about the book/game card combination is that you can interact with your fellow readers. Learn more about the Coaching Super Powers Living Book here.

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The Pursuit of Greatness Game – 21-Day Challenge

The Pursuit of Greatness Game will be a powerful addition to your Coaching Adventure. There are 3 powerful ideas of this game.
1) You will have access to 21 audio clips from Section 1 of the Coaching Super Powers book as well as bonus audio from Thomas J Leonard, the founding father of life coaching, and Coach Dave.
2) You will have 21 Conversation Guides that will support you to engage in provocative conversations with the most important people in your life: The Pursuit of Greatness starts at home.
3) You will be introduced to the #PlayYourDay concept and learn how the bring the spirit of play to your every day life.  This is essential in your path to becoming a great coach.

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