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Introduction to Transformation Coaching Video

Hello to you!

I recorded a video with an overview of the main ideas that make Transformation Coaching at CoachVille a unique and uplifting experience.

Not made for tiktok!

This video is 75 minutes… it’s more like a keynote presentation. (hopefully a lively one!) There is depth and a progression of ideas. 

I put the time line for the video below so you can jump ahead to a topic if you want.

It’s an invitation!

The purpose of this video is for you to see if you resonate with our rebellious view of coaching…

if you do, take the next step to join us.

ps. I have no idea why this embedded YouTube video is cropping the sides of my video thumbnail image.

ahhhh the joys of technology!

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Timeline of key ideas

1) (0:44) WHO benefits from becoming a coach

(8:55) the Cultural Transformation we are playing for

(12:16) Quick Introduction to me (Coach Dave)

2) (13:34) What Coaching is…

3) (18:48) Transformation from Problems to Practice

4) (23:24) The Social Play Model

(28:47) Understanding Play rather than Control

5) (32:36) The value of Signature Coaching Programs

(34.42) The Coach and Player co-Create together like songs

(36:41) CoachVille 4 Signature Programs

6) (38:35) Peak Experience Technique

(42:43) The Coaching Guides are the Music

(44:23) Eventually create your own Signature Programs

(45:43) We focus on Peak Experiences

7) (48:40) SOOOOOOOOOOOO Many Problems

8) (49:49) We were BORN AWESOME – Change the water

(58:29) The Superpowers of Human Nature Model

9) (1:03:19) Team Play for Transformation – The CoachVille App

10) (1:07:13) How to learn how to coach

(1:09:58) Certification

11) (1:11:26) Income-Based Scholarships – EASY to apply –

12) (1:14:36) Invitation to join us at CoachVille

Next class start date

Wednesdays January 25 – April 12
Two Time slots: 2-4 PM ET OR 7-9 PM ET

Then, May 10, 2023

Being a CoachVille Transformation Coach…

You will become a wise soul with deep understanding and awareness of Human Nature.

You will become a “go to guide’ and leader because you foster personal growth, peak experiences and desired results.

You will become a happier and more playful person. For real.


Center for Coaching Mastery Program

In the Center for Coaching Mastery Program the curriculum is organized with classes that focus on each of the essential superpowers of human nature; so you will gain in depth knowledge.

You will become a master at guiding the Human Journey by unleashing the unique power within each and every individual.


Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Philosophy

Link to Center for Coaching Mastery Program

You Are Invited to Call Us

If you have any questions…CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Deanna Stull

about professional coaching,
about how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
about our program…
PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us and set up a call with Deanna Stull, PCC (that’s her on the right) our New Student Adviser and one of our awesome program leaders.

By email:
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.
In fact an application conversation is required for registration in the Complete Certification Program.