Wade In

Wade into Coaching Waters with self-paced learning programs

Self-paced learning is a great way to start your coach training experience.  Learn new methods and superpowers that will improve your Wade into coaching  water with self-paced learninglife in a BIG way while fitting perfectly into your schedule and lifestyle.

Each program includes…

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngExtensive playbook: Big ideas that expand your leadership possibilities

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngCoaching outlines:  So you know exactly what to do in your coaching conversations.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngRecordings from Class Audio:  Go deeper into the big ideas.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngReal coaching recordings: So you know what real coaching conversations sound like.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngGame Card to share your learning: You will play the game to apply what you are learning; this will dramatically accelerate your path to mastery.

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngMission Playbooks: In each game card you will have 1 or more missions to complete. {Sample}

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngSelf-paced does NOT mean alone! You will meet your colleagues on the game card AND using coach connect.

The following self-paced programs are available:

These program can be used for ICF CCEU’s in the “Resource” category.
Only live classes can be used for Core Competency CCEU’s details here

Level 1

Basic Coaching

Proficiency Coaching

Play Two Win Method TM

Step Up and Step Out

Level 2

World Power Method TM

Advanced Communication

Inner Freedom Method TM

Expect Yes, Get Yes