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People Hate To Be Managed But They Love To Be Coached

Mastering the Coach Approach is the ultimate career move.

And CoachVille is the place you need to be!

In the 21st Century the Coach Approach will replace Management Science as the fundamental paradigm for leadership and human achievement…


Because people HATE to be managed… But they LOVE to be Coached!

So if you are leading a team with a purpose to do something BIG in the world, mastering the Coach Approach is a must.

If you are aiming to thrive as a Professional Coach – we love that – then you must master the Coach Approach for the service you provide for your clients, but also for the way you co-create results with your team.

The Coach Approach Defined

The Coach Approach is a way of being in which the Coach – professional, manager, team leader, adviser – guides the “player” – client, employee, team member – in the pursuit of results, mastery and “becomings” through expanded awareness and focused action.

The Coach provides a dynamic balance of support, challenge, expertise and presence. This creates a personal relationship that is empowered by trust and understanding from both parties. The Coach and player build a game and a definition of winning for what they want to accomplish together.

The game framework, combined with the pursuit of mastery through results, establishes an environment of excellence, discovery and fulfillment.

The stuff…

The Coach Approach is a powerful combination of advanced skills, methods and language that empower you to guide others in the pursuit playing a game better and winning on their own terms.  In other words… the pursuit of human greatness.
Coaching is NOT an intervention for people with problems!
Coaching is for people with the desire to be good, very good or even great at doing something that matters to them.

The Back Story…

In the 20th Century Industrial Age of Work the prevailing paradigm  for human achievement was “Management Science”.
You  know: Command, Control, Compliance.
Command = Do what I tell you to do
Control = Do it the way I tell you to do it
Compliance = Make sure they do it the right way every time and never make a mistake

aka = a dreadful, dreary way to live.

It was EVERYWHERE! Factories, cubicles, schools,  organizations, health care.
“Sit down, shut up, do as your told, don’t make any  mistakes and we won’t have any problems.
Remember that?

It is VERY important to say here that we are talking about Management Science, NOT managers!
Most people who get into management positions don’t like the 3 C’s any more than the workers.
But it was so ingrained in our Industrial Age mindsets and cultures that is just overrides our best intentions.

The 21st Century is a bright new age – thanks goodness!
It is the “Connected Age of Purpose” and engagement NOT COMPLIANCE is the essential currency.

A new leadership paradigm is emerging… the Coach  Approach!
There are 3 new C’s and 3 P’s.
Connect, Co-Create, Contribute;
Permission Space, Positive Influence, Play Better.

Jumping in…

Connect = You know your players personally including their purpose, personality and super powers!

Co-Create = You collaborate to develop personalized game plans and explore new possibilities for becoming.

Contribute = You aim to maximize their positive impact on the desired outcomes; With 3-way focus on Results, Mastery and Joy.

Going deeper…

Permission Space = A mutually beneficial and respectful relationship where both choose to learn from each other and support each other in agreed upon pursuits (aka games!)

Positive Influence = Through skill and creativity and energy you can move others in a mutually beneficial direction. Control was mostly an illusion anyway.  But influence is very real, very challenging and very rewarding.

Play Better = Any outcome that you can not control but you can influence is a game.  Anything that can be played as a game can be played better through great coaching. Playing better is about getting the results you desire on a more consistent basis.  Results are about making an impact in the world; very different than tasks which are about just getting it done and off the list.

For those of us who grew up in the Industrial Age, shifting into Coach Approach mindset really takes some concerted effort and environmental immersion, like learning a new language!
The CoachVille Membership and Coach Training Programs are designed to be a fun “immersion experience” that is super effective at helping you master the Coach Approach and thrive in the Connected Age of Purpose.

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