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You are the CEO of a small and growing enterprise with big dreams to have a positive impact in the world AND create financial freedom for yourself and your team.

As a CEO it can often feel like Chief Everything Officer but that is not sustainable! (you have probably figured that out by now)

You need to become the Chief Engagement Officer and the Coach Approach can get you there!

You must become masterful in the way you engage clients, team members, partners and your community.
I think it is fun to look at this by comparing YOU with Walmart!

Walmart has customers, YOU better have clients.
The difference?
Clients you know personally.  You eat and breath and co- create with them.  You understand their needs and speak to their values.  This type of relating requires the relationship skills of deep engagement.

Walmart has employees, YOU better have team members.
The difference?
Team members you know personally… REALLY personally.  You are tuned into their personality, purpose and super powers.  You understand their quirks even flaunt them some times!  You make sure that they have a personalized game plan to create results for your clients. You know the possibility for who they can become and you create an environment where they can step into that.
This is profound engagement.

Walmart has vendors, YOU better have partners.CA-entrepreneur-Circle265-png
The difference?
Your partners are an extended part of your team.  They contribute to your environment of excellence.  They co- create the products, services and experiences that your clients love.  They refer new potential clients to you.  They share your values – so you need to know what they are!
Yes… engagement is required to build relationships like this.

Walmart has locations, YOU better have community.
The difference?
As a small business you are an integral part of the community.  The members of your community are the life of your business: your clients, your team members, your partners.  Small businesses only thrive when they become an integral part of the communities they serve.

While you certainly already have the skills of relating, the Coach Approach will help you become a MASTER of Engagement which will dramatically increase your chances of building a sustainable successful enterprise.  AND… you will have a lot less stress and a lot more fun.  (We love that part!)

“People HATE to be managed, but the LOVE to be coached.”

Learning how to be a coach for your team of players rather than a manager for your workers will be the best business move you ever make!

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MichaelPortCircle-png“I would not be where I am today without CoachVille and Dave Buck. I started coaching with Dave when I was living above my brother-in-law’s garage and didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Now, I own one of the most successful businesses in my industry. Simply put, I would not be where I am today without Dave. The ability to coach my team has been instrumental in my success and Dave taught me how to do it. Not only will he coach you to higher levels of performance but Dave will teach you how to coach your team — the key ingredient in entrepreneurial success.”

Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling Author of 5 books including Book Yourself Solid 



EytanNicholsonCircle-pngI had a really nice moment running into a girl at a show last night, someone who I’ve coached and mentored over the past few years.

She was really excited to see me and had a bunch of awesome updates of the things in her life these days – she’s made some huge moves!

It was really nice that she acknowledged how I’ve influenced her success and when she invited her friends over to meet me she was proud to introduce me as her “mentor” and “coach”.

It’s nice to see such positive results!

Eytan Nicholson, Boston MA; Song writer & Musician