Professional Coach

A most rewarding career!

Professional Coaching is a wonderful business opportunity if you are looking for BIG purpose and rewarding challenge!CA-ProCoach-v1-png

You start with your YOUnique qualities like your knowledge, experience and passions.

Then you add in your business experience  and/or  your strong desire to learn how to play the business game at a high level.

Finally, bring it all together with mastery of the Coach Approach!

The Coach Approach is a combination of  methods,  advanced skills and language that you will use to help others  play their game of life better and win on their own terms.

Transforming your personal life experiences including your challenges and failures into a Professional service that creates value for others is truly one of the most rewarding endeavors you can pursue in life.

This is what you do every day as a professional  coach!

You can start out with a small professional practice  and, if  you choose to, build up a coaching  enterprise.

A professional coaching business starts with  mastering  the Coach Approach – a combination of methods, advanced skills and language used to help others create the  results in life that they desire.
Your business model will begin with one of our essential  mantras: “Coach the Games You Know”!

This means you will start your business by  coaching  others in the games of life that you have played;  business, career, leadership, health or “loving life” are examples CA-ProCoach-Circle265-pngof “games”.
You can also make your initial focus a particular  approach to life that you have mastered like: self-care,  spiritual awareness or the Principles of  Attraction.

Either way, the reason to start this way is because  your  most essential asset as a coach is your confidence and  credibility which will initially come from your personal  experiences of success and  overcoming obstacles.

We always ask: “Who have you earned the right to coach?
Not as a way to dissuade you, but rather as a way to encourage you to think broadly about the credibility within your life experiences.  And yes, it is a way to challenge you to step up and “own your value”!

Then as you learn and master the Coach  Approach, you will create and attract a wide  variety of opportunities to coach people in many different games of life.  Once you get into it, your coaching  business will take on a life of its own and become a wonderful adventure!


Oh, one more important point about Professional Coaching…
Coaching others is the most rigorous personal growth program ever invented because every player you coach is a window into your soul!
So to become a “Pro”, you have to be ready to Grow!

“Life is a canvas.  Coaching is art. Paint!”
-Coach Dave

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CoachVille Students share their Coach Approach Stories…

Important: these are not “testimonials”; 
In our programs, Coach Approach students share every day about the impact they are having on the lives of others…


KeikoSaitoCircle-pngOne of my players in in a big transition. He is leaving a big position (GM) to be independent by starting his own company. He always had this fear of what other people think is much more important than what HE really wants and who HE really wants to become.

Finally (he is in the season 2 with me), he learned to check in his body rather than getting into his head too much. Sill in process, but his growth from season 1 to season 2 is tremendous. Now, he is playing more at ease and yesterday he made the decision to announce his resignation. WOW.

He is on his way out to a bigger game to become who he wants to become!

Keiko (Kay) Saito, New York, NY; Professional Coach

CalvinChenCircle-pngMy client  just called me a coaching “God”. Let me explain (ha!). We had an Inner Freedom experience focused on his tendency to reject business deals prematurely to not waste time.  We found some very powerful pattern language he was using. And when the switch flipped — he went from “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive” to “I know I have it in me to do whatever it takes to SUCCEED, that’s just who I am, that’s how I roll”

.. and he just kept looping that pattern language over and over.. you can hear the difference in his tone. Prior to the session he was very intellectual and mind-driven, self-admittedly disconnected from his body and feelings and he came out of the session feeling INTEGRATED and ALIVE.. he was tickled that he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he kept with this PLAY BIG intention + new pattern language.

Calvin Chen, Los Angeles CA; Professional Coach

A player called me today to tell me how much I have changed her life and how much freer she feels to take the actions that used to scare her so much. This is somebody that I was hesitant with at first to use the inner freedom method.  We couldn’t have done it without this method.

I have learned that Playing outside of the comfort zone means that I will not know what will happen, I will not have a familiar pattern to refer to and I will most likely feel “a little bit of fear”.  I will feel this buzzing energy in my body.  I will also feel amazing, alive and exhilarated by playing outside of my comfort zone.

Dorina Kalaty, Great Neck NY; Professional Coach

A few weeks ago I had a session with a new player where a lot of fear came up. It was fantastic talking to her today. I could hear a shift in her being. We used the session actually to look back on her journey through the coaching sessions that we have had. I wanted her to really get what she has done, how far she has come. I can really see that it was her letting the fears come up that was the big breakthrough. The more we explored what has happened the more it expanded and we both we moved by her courage and engagement for herself. I am so proud!!

Anneli Videmyr, Stockholm Sweden; Professional Coach



I worked with a player who is playing small by resisting speaking her voice and standing up for her views.  We worked through the whole Inner Freedom method and she connected easily to a memory when she was 8 years old.  We were able to find the perfection in what happened then and what is happening in her life now.  It was a very powerful session and she has told me since that it was a great breakthrough for her.

Jane Lewis, London UK; Career Adviser