Coaching with Dave Buck – Version 1

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Positive Impact Business Leaders… It’s Game On!

There are three things that I am SUPER passionate about: Business, Personal Transformation and Coaching.

I Coach Positive Impact Business Leaders
To play the Conscious Business Game better and win on their own terms.

Together we will use the Coach Approach Method to

  • Maximize your YOUnique Brand,
  • Create AWESOME RESULTS with your customers,
  • Build your winning team and
  • ENJOY your desired lifestyle.

The ultimate purpose is of our partnership is for YOU to expand your Positive Impact in the World through your business.

My coaching programs are a blend of 1-1 and Group coaching. And we use a powerful game platform that creates deep connections between us and builds a community environment among all of my players.

The Group Coaching Programs  Launch on Monday March 10th 2014

The early bird prices are in effect until March 10th 2014 and range from $295/month to $845/month.
You can start anytime.  Now is better than later.

Page Outline

  1. 5 Things I Know To Be True About Positive Impact Business Leaders
  2. A list of Results I Am YOUniquely Awesome at Creating With You
  3. The Universal Truth About Business and Coaching
  4. Group Coaching Program Details
  5. Got Questions? Book An Exploratory Session
  6. Get Prepared for Transformational Business Coaching

Let’s jump into the details…

5 Things I Know To Be True
About Positive Impact Business Leaders:

1) You are here to do “something” AWESOME.
The purpose of your business is to create value for the members of your community. If you have courage and desire you can transform that “something” into a great business.

2) YOU are different… aka YOUnique!wordcircle-truth-v2-png
Hah – I bet you knew that already.  I have coined the phrase “YOUnique” to describe everything that is special about YOU and your capabilities. The game is to craft a business that is finely tuned to leverage all that you are AND avoid trying to be what you are not.  Generic business strategies don’t work well for most people; you need a business game plan that is designed just for YOU.

3) Business is Personal.
The success of your business is based on the size of your comfort zone, NOT the size of your database or bank account.  Your pursuit of business mastery will require that you walk the path of personal transformation as well.

4) Business is a GAME.  It is NOT a job.
One of the first things business owners do is to give themselves a set tasks and work hard to get the job done every day.  BIG MISTAKE! Thriving in business requires creativity, resourcefulness and the determination to positively influence a whole host of things that are beyond your control.  If you try to work on it you will become very frustrated! When you play it as a game, it will be a LOT of FUN!

5) Business is a TEAM game.
“Together we play better” is my motto! “Solopreneurship” is an unwinnable game.  To thrive in a business that also provides you with a lifestyle worth living, you need to build and coach a winning team.  There are many ways to accomplish this that do not include hiring workers that you need to manage!

If you resonate with the “5 things I know to be true about Positive Impact Business Leaders”
then I want you on my team!

Here is a list of RESULTS
that I am YOUniquely AWESOME at creating WITH you

1) BRANDING: Clarify your YOUnique Business Brand

  • You have a purpose here in this world and I can help you find it, refine it and use it as the foundation for a business that makes a YOUnique contribution to your community.
  • MY YOUnique Design Methodology uses powerful tools to combine who you were born to be, who you learned to be, your desires and your acquired skills into a Business Brand that fits you perfectly and attracts your IDEAL players.  Ps. It WILL blow your mind!
  • RESULT = Clarity creates confidence. Confidence is very attractive to potential customers and partnerscolorpencilcircle265-png


2) BIG WHY: Define your purpose and transform it into a Winnable Game Worth Playing

  • I will help you Unleash your Spirit of Play and use it as fuel to build a great business that is FUN to RUN!
  • I am designed to fight for purpose and meaning.  The fight for YOU, your purpose and YOUR business thriving in the world brings meaning to my life.  I am grateful for the opportunity.
  • RESULT = People Buy Why! When they see you playing with purpose they get curious and want to know more.


3) Play BETTER: PLAY your business game better and WIN on your own terms

  • I LOVE WINNING! Seriously.  Business is a challenging game and you need someone on your team who has a focus on playing for results and winning the game every day.
  • Practice the SKILLS of your game.  This is more important than you may realize.  There are many subtle skills of the business game that you will quickly improve through practice.
  • Using the INNER FREEDOM Method we will explore every fear that is holding you back and find your path to freedom; Especially with the essential skills of Visibility and Enrollment!
  • Using the WORLD POWER Method we will design your environment for for sustainable success. FUN!
  • RESULT = Winning! People are genetically drawn to winners.


4) VISIBILITY: Design your Game Plan to be seen and known by your community

  • This is such a BIG challenge for most business owners.wordcircle-resultsmatter-v2-png
  • We will start with your YOUnique Design to co-ceate a strategy that plays to your best skills and qualities, rather than you scrambling around trying to implement the strategies of the latest Guru-Diva.
  • My expertise in many of the best visibility strategies will guide you to select and use them in the best way possible. (eg, speaking, teleclasses, networking etc.)
  • RESULT = When you are visible, your business grows.  It’s really that simple.


5) BUSINESS MODEL: Design your YOUnique Business Model and Methods

  • Using my Coach Approach Business Model we can design all of the elements of your business into a cohesive whole that you can own and run with confidence. If you are up for it, we can transform your small business into an enterprise with major impact.
  • Blend the Coach Approach into your products, services and experiences to get better and more transformational results with your customers which leads to more partner possibilities and referrals!
  • RESULT = A business that becomes known for AWESOME results is a magnet for high impact opportunities.


6) BUILD a Winning Team: Find the Game in every part of your business and recruit great players.

  • People HATE to be managed, but they LOVE to be coached.  This truth is the cornerstone for building a winning business team.
  • Find the game in every activity in your business so that you can recruit a great player for each position… rather than hiring workers!
  • RESULT = A business that people LOVE to be a part of as customers, partners and team members.

The Universal Truths about
Business and Coaching

1) Life AND Business are to be enjoyed.

If you don’t run your business, your business will run YOU!  Ultimately the benefit of taking the risk to build your own business is creating a lifestyle that is perfect for you AND the people you love.

2) We can’t coach ourselves!

I will be your champion, your challenger, your mirror and your guide on the amazing adventure-game called “Building a Business as a Coach Approach Entrepreneur”.

You will win with me as your coach.


Group Coaching Programs

Group Coaching Programs Launch Monday March 10th 2014!


Key Features of all group programs

  • I have four transformational business accelerator coaching programs available.
  • All group coaching programs include 3 75-minute group calls each month and 1 30-minute 1-1 coaching session with me each month.
  • All group sessions AND 1-1 sessions will be recorded.  You can receive the recording of your 1-1 coaching session if you request it.
  • You can add additional 1-1 coaching time to any group program for an additional fee.
  • All coaching programs require a 6-month commitment. You can get 1-month free by paying for the program up front.
  • Game Card!
    All of my group programs include the Business Accelerator Game Card for sharing content, resources, game objectives, game actions and BIG WINS.  This on-line system keeps you focused on essential actions and results, creates a rich environment of support and challenge among all of my players, AND allows me to stay up to date on your situation so we can get right to the most important points on our 1-1 and group calls.

Find the program for YOU

Header-BusinessLaunchDayJob-pngBusiness Launch WITH a Day Job

  • Specifically for you if you are building a business while holding a full or part time job.
  • Group Meeting Time: Mondays 8PM – 9:15PM ET
  • It is a great way to start your business without financial stress. I had a near full-time consulting contract for theRegister-BusinessLaunchDayJob-pngfirst 3 years of my coaching business.  When I was ready to leave, my customer base was ready for me.
  • Create certainty on your branding and ideal customer messaging
  • Focus on doing the most essential and impactful activities because time is limited
  • Build your business foundation, establish your credibility and build a waiting list while in the security of your current job.
  • Learn how to deliver group programs to maximize your time
  • Group sessions conducted in evening hours; some evening slots are available for 1-1 coaching as well; also “lunchtime coaching” is a great alternative.
  • Early Bird Pricing: $295/ month; or 6 months for $1,475 (one month FREE)
    After March 10th: $395 / month; or 6 months for $1,975 (one month FREE)


Business Launch Accelerator

  • Specifically for YOU if you are currently in business and earning less than $3,000/month in revenue.
  • Group Meeting Time: Mondays 2:30PM – 3:45PM ETRegister-BusinessLaunchAccelerator-png
  • Create certainty on your branding and ideal customer messaging
  • Focus on playing for results in your business activities: visibility, enrollment, value creation and partner orchestration
  • Go DEEP into every FEAR that is blocking you from essential business activities to accelerate your personal and business growth; It is the only way forward.
  • Learn how to create a flow of programs and products to maximize your revenue potential
    (1-1 and Group programs for example)
  • Focus on co-creating great results with your customers to build your credibility
  • Early Bird Pricing: $295/ month; or 6 months for $1,475 (one month FREE)
    After March 10th: $395 / month; or 6 months for $1,975 (one month FREE)


6-Figure Accelerator

  • Specifically for YOU if you are earning between $3,000 and $10,000 per month in revenue.
  • Group Meeting Time: Mondays 4:00PM – 5:15PM ETRegister-6-FigureAccelerator-png
  • Laser focus on your branding and ideal customer messaging to RAMP UP your revenues.
  • Develop a solid, playable method for every business activity; so that you can gradually bring additional players onto your team and YOU can play to your YOUnique strengths.
  • Amplify your focus on results in your game as a player AND with partners and customers; build a company known for outstanding results!
  • Develop the perfect flow of offerings at a variety of price points to maximize your value to your community and balance your income streams; especially group programs and products
  • Early Bird Pricing: $350/ month; or 6 months for $1,750 (one month FREE!)
    After March 10th: $450/ month; or 6 months for $2,250 (one month FREE!)


Positive Impact Accelerator

  • Specifically for YOU if you are earning over $10,000 per month in revenue
  • Group Meeting Time: Mondays 11:30AM – 12:45PM ETRegister-PositiveImpactAccelerator-v2-png
  • Your business is solid and growing. NOW it is time to focus on creating the positive impact in the world that you envisioned for company
  • Laser focus your business model so that EVERY activity in your business is clearly defined as a winnable game; Now you are ready to recruit great players for every position on your team
  • Develop your YOUnique Coach Approach to coach your players to create maximum value for your customers
  • Amplify your message so that your business is seen as an asset in your community; leverage this to create global impact.
  • Special focus on your lifestyle so that you are actively enjoying the fruits of your success… It’s very attractive AND… YOU DESERVE IT!
  • Early Bird Pricing: $495/ month; or 6 months for $2,475 (one month FREE!)
    After March 10th: $595/ month; or 6 months for $2,975 (one month FREE!)
  • Includes one optional BONUS 2-day retreat in NYC every 6 months


1-1 Coaching With Dave Buck


  • A PERFECT add-on to any group coaching program!
  • 1 hour for $350/month; or 6 months for $1,750 (one month FREE)
  • Appointments scheduled via online calendar
  • Set up in 30-minute blocks; you can schedule 2 sessions back-to-back if you prefer.
  • You can purchase 1-1 coaching without being part of a group.
    AND I recommend combining a group program with 1-1 for most people for the team support and the value of a vibrant professional network.
    Your call.

How to Book An Exploratory Session

Do you have questions about the coaching program?wordcircle-GotQuestions-png
Not sure which program is the best fit for your situation?
Or… Do you want us to get to know each other before jumping in?

Let’s do it!

Step 1:
Book 30 minutes on my calendar and a time convenient for you:

Coach Dave’s Calendar is Here  <<– Click Here

Note: this is also how we will book our 1-1 Coaching Sessions together. (Easy Peasy)

Step 2:

Download the Current Business Situation Playsheet  <<– Click Here
(a Microsoft Word .doc)

Follow the instructions; Send it to me prior to our appointment time: this will give you a powerful incentive to get it done 😉
This is an extremely provocative and clarifying exercise.
It will take about an hour for you to complete!

Get Prepared for
Transformational Business Coaching!

Get a jump start on Coach Dave’s Transformational Business Accelerator Coaching program with these playsheets!
Both are MS Word Documents. Click the link and save the file to your computer.

1) Current Business Situation Playsheet  <<– Click Here (same as the one for the exploratory session)

In this playsheet you will explore your BIG game, your BIG why, your current objectives and challenges and much more.

2) YOUnique Value Playsheet <<– Click Here

In this playsheet you will identify what is most valuable about you as a gateway to greater confidence AND greater wealth.  Wealth is the accumulation of Value!