The Need to Belong is a superpower

you can use to live your dream... NOW!


Obsessed with overcoming obstacles while struggling alone


Co-Create your environment of belonging and success ecosystem

A 9-Step Method to Co-create Winning Environments

The World Power Method is a powerful 9-step process where you transform the “9 Environments of YOU TM into a personal success ecosystem using  Power Patterns for the player and their Dream.

In this program we explore, express and amplify the Human Nature Superpower: The Need to BELONG!

  • We can choose our environments
  • We can embrace the power of our Social Safety Instinct
  • We can express the power of Self-Value
  • And Most IMPORTANT – Understand how these two powers often get into growth-oriented conflict!

BIG POINT: Because the Need to BELONG is so strong within us:

  • We are ALWAYS rapidly adapting to the world – especially the people – around us
  • We are also always slowly designing the world – especially the people – around us
  • When we have a new Dream we need to BECOME the next version of ourselves
  • But, the world around us is a reflection of who we have been in the past… so it becomes an obstacle to our growth
  • The power of World Power Coaching is to guide the player to upgrade their environment to become an ecosystem for who their new Dream needs them to become. THEN the power of Belonging will pull them toward their Dream rather than pulling them back to who they have been in the past.

It’s SOOOOO Powerful. That’s why we call it: World Power!

Transform your story as a player…

From: Obstacle

To: Ecosystem

or the long version…

From: the world around you is an obstacle to be overcome or tolerated

To: You can play with your world and design a personal success ecosystem that ENSURES your sustainable success

The Environment Always Wins – this is the provocative mantra of this life-changing program. You will learn how to get the environment on your players’ team to inspire Personal Evolution. If you are coaching the player but NOT redesigning their environment, you are only doing half the job!

Transform your story as a Coach…

From: Use command and control  to overcome obstacles in the environment

To: Guide your players to co-create and be influenced by their 9 environments.

You will learn how to co- create power patterns with your player and then replicate the pattern in each of the 9 Environments.  This is a fun and highly creative process. You will also learn how to identify and shift pattern language dissonance in each environment.


Team Play for Transformation!

We provide you with amazing resources to share with your players so that they can become equal co-creators of the coaching experience WITH you. This enables you to provide a comprehensive program for your players from Day 1.

Player Resources

Player Playbook – Guides through the concepts and techniques used in each coaching session from the player perspective

Player Prep Audio – walks through the concepts used in each coaching session in an auditory way

Playsheets – A visually attractive way to take a few notes from each session and track progress through the program.

Additional Coach Resources

Coach Playbook – Walks through concepts and techniques for each step of the Method from the coaches perspective

Coaching Guides – Step by step, word-for-word, path to Inner Freedom Coaching while you are learning

Coaching Session Audio – Recordings of a complete set of Inner Freedom Coaching sessions that follow the same Coaching Guides that you will use.

What you will learn…


Four Transformation Models

  • Nine Environments of YOU
  • Superpowers for Play
  • Energy Alignment

Four Transformation Techniques

and when/how to use them!

  • Nine Environments Scan
  • Toleration Zapping
  • Conduct Experiments
  • Role Play

Nine Steps of the Method

  • Step #1: Design Your Sustainable Success Ecosystem
  • Step #2: Create Power Patterns for who you will become
  • Step #3: Scan the 9 environments – look in the mirror for patterns
  • Step #4: Name the present patterns
  • Step #5: Identify Tolerations: Consider the source, purpose & meaning of each one
  • Step #6: Zap Tolerations = Fixing – Cleaning – Missing
  • Step #7: Conduct Experiments
  • Step #8: Enter New Territories
  • Step #9: Allow Adaptation to take place by responding to what happens around you

Play Language

The Spirit of Play and Play language set coaching apart from every other approach to Human Achievement. When you focus your conversations on playing big for a dream and playing better you will never be confused with another type of professional. If your aim is to become a Professional Transformation Coach then this is essential for you. 


In the Zoom class you will experience a lively combination of large and small group conversations and 1-1 practice dyads. At CoachVille we learn by practicing together!! You will meet classmates from all around the world.

*The zoom class qualifies for 24 live Coach Training ICF CCEUs; 12 2-hour sessions

*The Self-Study with a Buddy Program qualifies for 24 Resource ICF CCEU’s

** This course is part of the Center for Coaching Mastery Certification Program

Next ZOOM Class May 2023

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Let's go on a classic transformation journey.

The Power of Ecosystem

From the Player Playbook…

The Seed Becomes a Mighty Tree

When you stand next to a tree – mighty Oak perhaps – it seems impossible! It is so BIG. And it just comes up out of the ground and it just keeps going up. And then you spot a tiny acorn on the ground and it seems even more impossible. This little thing contains the essence – the potential – for this mighty tree. WOW.


There are several features of this real world THING that provide a powerful metaphor for Transformation Coaching with the Word Power Method.


Look below the surface!

The Oak tree is able to go so big up into the world by connecting deeply with and participating with the Earths Ecosystem below the surface.

The roots spread out and mingle with the soil, the rocks and the roots of other trees. The roots of trees in a forest support each other and share resources in amazing ways.

The myriad of small creatures below the ground – worms for example – participate by moving nutrients around and aerating the soil. Also amazing.

The Oak is able to continue to grow and live so long BECAUSE it is so well connected to its ecosystem, and because it participates so actively WITH its ecosystem.


The Transformation:

From: overcome the obstacles in the environment

To: co-create an ecosystem that facilitates growth


The seen and the unseen ecosystem above ground.

There is also a lot of ecosystem participation going on above the ground.

The Oak provides shade which allows the soil to stay moist and fertile for new plants to get their start.

The leaves of the Oak fall to the ground once a year to produce a rich fertilizer for new plants.

The leaves – while they are alive – create a miraculous symbiotic relationship with all of the air breathing creatures of the Earth. The breathing creatures need the oxygen in the air and breath out carbon dioxide. While the leaves need the carbon dioxide to grow and “breath out” oxygen. Truly AMAZING.

Thriving in the world and Transformation Coaching

A Transformation Coach takes a lot of wisdom from the Oak Tree as a metaphor for thriving in the world.

We can only thrive in the world by participating in a thriving ecosystem.

We can go bigger into the world by going deeper into the ecosystem around us.

We can thrive by cultivating the ecosystem around us… and participating in what we cultivate.

We can grow slowly, week by week, year by year, embracing each stage of the transformation experience.

In real life terms…

In real life terms our Human Nature Superpower “The Need to Belong” is the driving force behind our participation in the ecosystem around us.

While the tree grows roots in a physical location, in our lives today we can grow roots into a virtual ecosystem… we can CHOOSE where we belong. We can choose to uplevel or change based on the Dream we are playing now and this can change over time. We can also stay in one place if we choose to.

The Human Superpower “the Urge to Become” is deeply connected to the Need to Belong. We Become mostly by adapting to and connecting our value to the ecosystem around us. So, sometimes we need to move to a new environment to become the next version of ourselves.

We can develop the wisdom to understand and nurture all of the elements of a thriving ecosystem. In World Power Coaching we call this the 9 Environments of YOU!

We need to participate fully with the world around us by both giving AND receiving; What we give can be very different from what we receive. There are many ways to contribute and receive value from who is around us.

We can choose to embrace ALL that is around us; even the things and experiences that don’t appeal to us at first. Some things reveal their value over time.


Start with your Dream and your vision for the next version of you. Then you, with your Transformation Coach using the World Power Method, will co-create the ecosystem that will allow you to thrive and NEED your participation to thrive. The place where YOU BELONG.


We Grow Together.

Let’s have a look at a few elements of the World Power Method…

The Nine Environments of YOU Model

The 9 Environments of YOU is a model created by Thomas Leonard, the founder of professional life coaching.

The BIG idea is that we evolve by adapting to the world around us. 

So, if we want to steer our growth with some intentionality, we need pay close attention to EVERYTHING around us. Everything has an energetic impact on us.

One of the breakthrough ideas of this model is to look beyond the “stuff” that we typically associate with our environment. We need to look around us – and FEEL the energy around us – with a more detailed eye.

  • Memetic Environment – Ideas
  • Financial Environment – Money, Wealth and Budget, Freedom and Security
  • Relationship Environment – Close friends, family and close colleagues
  • Network Environment – Professional Connections, Greater Community
  • Physical Environment – Places and Things
  • Body Environment – Your Energy, Appearance and Clothing
  • Self Environment – Strengths, Talents and Character
  • Spirtual Environment – Deep Connections and Sacred Spaces
  • Technology Environment – Electronic Devices, Equipment, and Virtual Spaces

This leads us to the Transformation Coaching Technique called the 9 Environments Scan…

9 Environments Scan Technique

The 9 Environments scan Technique is a real eye-opener for most people.

The image above is just the first page of the 9 Environments Scan.

Most of us have no idea how profound an impact the world around us has on our ability to live our Dreams.

This is because the Industrial Culture teaches us that the environment is something to use or overcome. The Industrial Culture is ignorant to the essential life quality of being a part of an ecosystem.

As Transformation Coaches, we are tuned into the deep wisdom of life; remember the tree transformation metaphor!!

In the scan of the Relationship Environment, for example, we take a deep look at the people our player spends the most time with. We explore these relationships from the perspective of ENERGY.

The energy of this relationship is most likely a match for who they have been in the past. BUT, does the person match the energy of who they need to BECOME to live their new dream?

Does this person provide an experience of profound BELONGING for the NEXT version they want to BECOME? OR are there energy drains or “Tolerations” in the relationship?

These are big questions to consider; deep conversation in a safe space is required. Enter the Transformation Coach!

This leads us to the idea of Power Patterns and the Super YOU the player wants to become…

Power Patterns of Super YOU

Profound Belonging for Super YOU

We use this playsheet of Superpower language or “Power Patterns” in all 3 of our Method Programs.

This is Transformation Coaching. This playsheet helps our players find the language that energizes their imagination of who they can become. Finding the energizing language for Transformation is really powerful. 

In Play Life… we focus on Playful Practice to become Super YOU.

In Inner Freedom… we focus on exploring the beliefs and fears that can block becoming Super YOU.

In World Power… we focus on designing the ecosystem of profound Belonging for Super YOU.

The idea is to scan all of the environments of YOU to determine if they provide BELONGING for Super YOU… or past you?

Usually it is past you.

So then your role as the Transformation Coach is to use the techniques of the World Power Method to guide your player on the journey to find and co-create their new ecosystem.

It is a wildly creative process and dramatically empowering.

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How this program will make you a better coach

1) Your confidence as a transformation coach will increase dramatically because you KNOW you have the tools to create sustainable success

2) The Toleration-free method is one of the BEST coaching techniques ever – players LOVE it

3) Understanding the power of the 9 Environments will give you endless new territory with a wide range of players

4) The distinction between will-power and world-power can bring powerful awareness and transformation especially for high-achieving (or burned out) players

5) The designing experiments coaching technique can often bring a light and creative approach to situations that may dire or overly difficult

6) Becoming more masterful with pattern language will enable to you coach in extremely high-end situations

7) The Environmental scan will give you a powerfully robust view of your player’s situation in a very short period of time.  This will dramatically reduce the times you are coaching in a dead-end situation (where the environment is so over powering that nothing else matters) and give you an immediate path to change by redesigning that environment with your player.

From the Gamecard!

Linda Hamilton I have had a client who has been stuck the last couple of calls on moving forward in an area, instead of creating an action plan at the end of this call, I brought up this whole idea of experimenting and environments, the light bulb went on, my client shifted in that moment to a much more resourceful, powerful, expansive, creative, energized place. It was incredible! Rena Hedeman I love the idea that willpower will eventually run out but if you can change someone’s environment they will flower. I have always been a person who used willpower to get through tough situations – you know the old “mind over matter” mantra. But after this class, I realized how important the right environment is and just how many types of environments there are! Maybe if I had realized this earlier in life, I wouldn’t have felt the need to “tough it out” so often – perhaps I would have experienced more “flow”! Lorenda Phillips The environment always wins.  Unbelievably impactful.  I have been trying to alter some work behaviors, and will power has not been winning over environment.  I see the same for clients.  Brilliant