CoachVille 21-Day Pursuit of Greatness Game

You have a DREAM to do something BIG in the world!
You need a TEAM of great players to live into that dream.
Your team needs a great COACH to fulfill your shared purpose.
That coach… is YOU!

The Pursuit of Greatness Game is a fantastic way to start (or continue) your exploration of coaching!

A BIG step in your life as a coach is when you courageously UP-LEVEL the conversations you have within your Inner Circle of close family, friends and colleagues. Remember: everyone who shares your DREAM is on your TEAM! So even if you don’t think you will coach the folks in your inner circle, this is where you begin your practice.
TRUTH = The Pursuit of Greatness starts at home!

This amazing program is FREE for CoachVille Members and you can join CoachVille right now for FREE as well.

By using the 7 Provocative Conversation Guides (with 3 people each = 21 Days) you will be amazed at your ability to create the experience of Profound Belonging. This is the first step to ALL great coaching relationships.

The 21-Day Challenge also includes an uplifting daily audio from the Coaching Super Powers Living Book and a question for personal reflection and exploration. You can jump into the game for free by clicking this link.

This game is going to challenge you to grow in wonderful ways!

Here is a sample audio from the game that also explains a few BIG ideas about coaching…

Like in all CoachVille programs the focal point is your game card where you earn points for taking action in your real world, sharing insights and observations and participating with the other people in the game.

It is a powerful way to learn AND a great way to expand your network… because you will meet amazing people like you as you play the game.

Click this link        to complete your CoachVille Member registration (takes 1 minute) and you will have immediate access to the game.

Here you will find all of the audios and playsheets for the 21-Day challenge.

Check your game card on a regular basis (every day is a good idea…) as new items will pop onto your game card each day.

You will also get immediate access to the current version of the Coaching Super Powers Living book. FUN!

I look forward to seeing YOU on the leaderboard!

Coach Dave

ps. here is the link to jump into the game