The greatest opportunity of Life is…
to LIVE your dreams!

In this fast-paced and super fun, co-creative experience you will make a play plan to live your dream. OR give a boost to a dream you are already playing for!

If your dream is fuzzy right now or seems lost… this program will bring it into clarity.

It’s like basecamp for your next adventure.

And you will learn some powerful Life Coaching techniques like Intentional Co-Creation! BONUS!!!

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Live Zoom Event

Join us for a 5-Day Zoom Group. SOOO FUN!!!

January 10 -14, 2022
12 – 1 PM ET

Come to the sessions you can.
The sessions will be recorded.

Self-paced Adventure

Join anytime. Invite a buddy or two (or three) to share the adventure with you.

Experience the magic of team-play.


Energy Alignment

Living a dream requires action… and there is SOO much more. Learn the Energy Alignment Game model and a few powerful Life Coaching Techniques.

Enjoy Co-Creation

Living your dream is not a do-it-yourself project! You will experience the magic of co-creation in the program. This will serve you well.

Embrace the Mystery

When you play for your dream, amazing unexpected things happen all around you. Learn how to playfully embrace the unexpected!

Ignite Your Superpowers

Every adventure includes unexpected growth opportunities that call your dormant powers into action. Get ready to GROW!

The Energy Alignment Game Model

Introducing… The Energy Alignment Game

The energy alignment game is a powerful and provocative way to live your dreams.

It is based on deep and profound awareness of some of life’s great mysteries. The concept was passed on to me (Coach Dave) by my friend and coach Thomas Leonard… the founder of professional Life Coaching.

This framework is woven through all of our coaching programs and you will get a wonderful introduction to it during our 5-Day challenge.

The BIG IDEA… while most of us learned to go through life by completing controlled tasks… there is a MUCH BETTER WAY to live: we call it “Play with Energy”. When we play with Energy we come alive!!!

We can PLAY for our Dreams AND we can experience them fully by “Aligning The Energy” as we play.

Adventure + Action + Alignment = AWESOME!

We FREE each other!

When we play for our Dreams our light shines brighly!

We illuminate a path to freedom for everyone around us to see.

This is the ultimate purpose of Life Coaching in the world… because we only get free together.

Start (or energize) your adventure as a player.

Start (or energize) your adventure as a coach!


Activate Your Dreams Today!