Attraction Principles Program

28 Principles of Attraction Program by Thomas Leonard

“The Coach who masters the Attraction Principles will be more effective with their clients because the coach — and client — will be using an advanced personal operating system that reduces resistance, accelerates learning and provides a common coaching platform for both parties.” – Thomas Leonard

In Basic Membership, you will receive:
the complete list of 28 Principles of Attraction and
Principle #1: Become Incredibly Selfish
Principle #2: Unhook Yourself From the Future

The Pro Coach Membership includes:

  • 12 Audio recordings with Thomas. To listen to a clip from the program click HERE.
  • The 28 Principles of Attraction in detail including distinctions, quotes, top 10 ways to implement and more.
  • 37 additional sections of course content that will impact your business building prowess.

In addition, Pro Coach members of CoachVille receive permission to reproduce the 28 Principles of Attraction Mini-poster for use in your marketing materials and in client sessions.