Be A Game Changer

What it means to be a Game Changer

1) Life is a game.  Personal growth, career, business, leadership, even your health… All Games.RealCoachingCircle265v2-png

Our theory is that any endeavor in life can be played as a game worth playing.

One way of looking at this is that anything that you can NOT control, but you can influence with skill, energy, planning etc. is a game.

Which when you think about it is MOST activities in life.  And this is where the fun is!

If you are doing something that you can control – where with some training you can do it the same way and get the same result every time – we would call that “work”.

2) To change your life, you have to change your game.

Your life is made up of many different games.  Some you put more energy into than others.

To change you life in a substantive way, you either have to change the game you are playing, OR pursue playing your games in a new or better way.

Either case we would call changing the game.

3) To change your game, you need a great coach.

The best way to play a new game or play a game better is to engage with a great coach.  That is what coaches do! They help you learn how to play a new game or play a game better.

In just about every endeavor that humans have created, if there is a reason to want to play the game better, there is someone who is coaching that game.

This includes every kind of pursuit that humans care about: athletics, arts, every career, business, health, spiritual pursuits, really everything!

When you play a game well enough or different enough to be a source of inspiration to others… that is being a game changer!

“Being a game changer in life means playing your game to make the world a better place!”
-Coach Dave

4) To change the lives of others, you need to BECOME a great coach.

If you have the desire to contribute to the lives of others in a personal way, the BEST thing you can do is learn how to coach.

This way, whatever area of life you want to contribute to, you will have the ability to help individuals play better and reach their goals and fulfill their desires.

“When you help others play a game better – especially a game that fulfills a deep desire to contribute to the world in a meaningful way –
then you are making the world a better place as a Game Changer Coach.”
-Coach Dave

The CoachVille Way..

At CoachVille we take this approach quite literally!

In our acclaimed Coach Training programs you learn HOW to transform any endeavor into a game worth playing. And then you learn the skills and methods to help another individual play that game better and win on their own terms.

If you have the desire to be a game changer in any endeavor in life, our coaches are uniquely equipped to help you do exactly that!

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