Coaching Critiques

Real-Time Mentor Coaching Whispered In Your Ear

These feature Thomas Leonard commenting on real-life coaching sessions, not role plays.Coaching Critiques by thomas leonard
Transcripts and recordings allow you to glean gems and play ‘mentor coach’ or ‘what would I have said?’ while listening.

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What are coaching critiques?

These are actual sessions, not role-plays ,that we have “edited in,” a series of comments and suggestions during a mentor session with the coach.  We comment on the following types of things:

  • The coach’s approach and frameworks (where they are coming from).
  • The coach’s communication style and how it helps/hinders the coaching process.
  • The coach’s use of the 15 coaching proficiencies.
  • The opportunities recognized (and missed) during the session.
  • Suggestions/alternatives on what else the coach could have done.
  • Explanation of the personal dynamic/situation the client is dealing with.
  • Insights into what the client is facing and where the are along a path of development.

What’s so cool about these?

Now, you can listen to REAL coaching sessions and also learn from senior coaches on the strong/weak elements of the session.  And the way we’ve crafted these, with a 30-minute REAL coaching session, without interruption from the coach/client’s experience maintains the natural flow of a session.  Then, by adding and splicing in our comments after the fact, you can learn about the nuances of coaching as we ‘dissect’ the session.  This is a coach training first, and only CoachVille’s got it!

So, now you can immerse yourself for an hour and learn how to improve your coaching by learning from experienced coaches.  You’ll learn about the hundreds of coaching skills and techniques AND you’ll learn about human nature and business situations — and what works.