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I am excited to share the first book of the Coaching Super Powers “Living” Book series: Your Coaching DREAM!Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

You can transform your passion for life into a BIG impact lifestyle!

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Here are a few ideas to inspire you to join us.

You LOVE life!

You have a passion for something that you want to share with others. NOW is your time to UPLevel your contribution to life. Oh and by the way: making this commitment to coach others will seriously accelerate your own personal growth at the same time!

Life coaching includes business, leadership, personal transformation, relationships, health… any of a thousand things that we humans love to do and want to do better.

That is what coaching is all about: Guiding another person who has the desire to do something better.

If that sounds exciting to you, then I would LOVE to have you as part of our Coaching Super Powers Movement!

My DREAM: that every person with the desire to play BIG (AKA everyone) has a great coach!

Oh, and a quick point: the ability to guide others is NOT restricted by age! We have had amazing students in our coaching school in their early twenties and in their nineties!

Here is a brief audio that I recorded to entice you to read the book:

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Here is a quick overview of the book…

You will learn about my personal story of becoming a coach. FUN!
We will explore the truth that most of the people in your life are YEARNING for more of the juicy experiences of life. And how this is your opening to talk with people about coaching.

Chapter 1) Dream – Team – Coach.
We will explore what coaching is AND the 3 Coaching Dreams: Coach Approach Leader, Professional Coach and Coaching Ecosystem. I will introduce you to several CoachVille coaches so you can get a feel for how these dreams play in the world. Find your Coaching Dream and start to live into it!

Chapter 2) Global transformation from work to purpose and play.
The dream of the world to break free of Industrial Age isolated worker mindset to the joyful possibilities we can create together in the Connected Age of Purpose! Coaching is primed to play a vital role in this fascinating chapter in the Human Story as each of us seek the joy of making a “YOUnique” contribution to life.

Learn about the transformation from worker to player. And the transformation from consumer to creator. (and a LOT more)

Chapter 3) Why learn how to coach.
We are all fueled by the quest for moments when we are most alive! The coaching dream runs on this fuel. We will also explore the truth that people hate to be managed but they love to be coached. You become a coach because you love the game and the people who play it.

Learn about the shift from 20th Century Management Science to the 21st Century Coach Approach.

Companion Game Overview: The Pursuit of Greatness

This section will introduce you to the Coaching Power Pattern: Engages in Provocative Conversations and the “Abera Ca Dabera” magic that these conversations can have in your life. Abera Ca Dabera translated means: I Create As I Speak.

This game is so awesome and I truly do hope you will jump in and play it!  In your journey to become a coach two things are essential:
Game 1) you will to immerse in the ideas of the Coaching Super Power Mindset.
Game 2) you will engage the people closest to you in meaningful conversations so that they know that they are “on your team”.

On the second game card you will have a provocative conversation with the people you are closest to: your best friends, close colleagues and your mate if you have one.  There are 7 “conversation guides” that you can use to have a 10-15 minute “Provocative Conversation” with someone in your life; a person that you talk to every day or almost every day anyway. You will explore topics such as purpose, friendship, challenges, desires and a perfect day. In this game you will courageously upgrade WHAT you are talking about. This is the first step to becoming a coach!

You will:

  • Immerse in the Audio of readings from the 3 Chapters
  • Bonus Recordings from 2001 of Thomas and Dave talking about coaching and life; these are fun
  • Uplevel the conversations within your inner circle and start to become known as “the coach”;
  • Build a strong foundation of connections to support you as you set out to play bigger in the world

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I believe coaching is…

A profound personal relationship
in pursuit of world-changing results
crystalized by perceptive observations
catalyzed by life-changing conversations and
energized by the spirit of play!

Let’s explore…

A profound personal relationship

People are yearning to connect on a deeper level with others who share their DREAM.
They are tired of suppressing their unique gifts to try to fit in.

A great coach reveals the real you.

Pursuit of world-changing results

People thirst for the opportunity to express their unique voice and make a difference in the lives of others
They want to create results rather than complete tasks

A great coach elicits your unique greatness.

Crystalized by Perceptive observations

People long to be seen and cared for.
They also want insightful, personal feedback that helps them grow.

A great coach challenges you without judgment.

Catalyzed by Life-changing conversations

People are craving deeper, more personal conversations about purpose.
They are tired of talking about superficial nonsense.

A great coach expands your awareness.

Energized by The spirit of play

People are yearning to play, to create, to explore, to experiment and to grow.
They are tired of a stressful, problem centered life of working on tasks and trying to be perfect.

A great coach is all about playing better.

Learning how to play your life and be a great coach for others could be the most important choice you ever make when it comes to fulfilling your DREAM and exploring your purpose in life.

The secret: HAVE a great coach for your life as a player AND
BE a great coach for the players on your TEAM.

You can become a force in the world for good.

You can become an “IN DEMAND” leader, influencer and advocate for a better world.

You can become a GREAT COACH!

Read -And Listen to – the book!

YES! I want the book.     { You will go to the CoachVille FREE Membership Page to either sign in or sign up!

You will get immediate access to the current version of the book
AND … The Pursuit of Greatness Game


Coach Dave