CoachVille Book Club

Play with BIG Ideas. Coach Better.Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach 


Hey there! Coach Dave here with you.  

I am excited to invite you to join us for the CoachVille Book Club!  

Book Club is an exclusive member benefit when you join CoachVille, and membership is FREE! 

Book Club is a fun way to explore the ideas of leading expansive, progressive thinkers – with a few classics thrown in.  

These are ideas that you can use to play bigger and offer to your players/clients as well. Coaches are natural teachers, so let’s teach the best stuff! 


PLAY with a book 

The best way to explore new ideas is in lively group conversations where many perspectives are shared. Each person finds a creative way to apply the ideas to their own big game in life with the support of colleagues who are doing something similar.  

Co-create provocative conversations and take meaningful actions. This is the WAY of Life coaching. This is the way of the CoachVille Book Club.   

PLAYING! Life was not meant to be a game of solitaire!   

Each week Book Club participants can offer questions and topics for the group conversation. A selection of these will be curated for the group gathering in the Zoom meeting. 

If you have an idea for a “real world” experiment or exploration you can suggest it to the group and recruit a few fellow adventurers. 

As a coach, player, leader these conversations and explorations will ripple out into your world of family, friends, colleagues and clients to create awareness, action and positive impact! Let’s PLAY.


Several ways to participate:  

  • Weekly virtual gatherings Thursdays 7-8 PM ET in Zoom
  • Private Facebook group 


“Joyful” by Ingrid Fetell Lee begins Thursday, January 16th! 

Click here to join us!