CoachVille Purpose

The BIG WHY, How, What…

Our Dynamic Duo Purpose: RealCoachingCircle265v2-png

The Pursuit of Human Greatness
The Pursuit of Coaching Mastery

Our Vision:

Everyone, everywhere with the courage to play BIG has a GREAT Coach.

Our Pattern Language:

Pattern language is the way we infuse the life of CoachVille into everything we do…

Relentless Enthusiasm

Wildly Innovative

Results Focused

Play Everything

Coach Approach

Our Missions…

We are always up to something!  Here are few of our BIG endeavors.  Two that we have continued to pursue for 13 and 14 years, two that are brand new and improved and potentially world changing!

1) To continue to innovate what it means to be a great coach in our deeply loved Coach Training programs
Our originating mission in 2000 “To improve the quality of coaching worldwide” still inspires everything we do.

2) (Improved!) To continue to lead the Coach Approach Movement AND extend our reach to EVERYONE who can live life more purposefully and enjoyably by becoming a great coach.
In others words… Coach Training is not just for coaches anymore!

3) To continue to host one of the most vibrantly alive communities on the WWW.

4) (NEW!) To build one of the best Coaching Professional Services Firm in the world
To create a platform where thousands of coaches thrive as independent professionals while being a part of something big and supportive.
To make it easy for anyone with a BIG game in life to find a great Coach.

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