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Going through the motions; stuck in overwhelm.



Every day is a fun, growth-oriented adventure.


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Your Dream is the catalyst to an upleveled life of adventure, growth and purpose!

Everybody has a Dream… YOU have a Dream.

Your next Dream is a lightning bolt moment! There is a flash and you know it is time for a change….

It could be a situation in your world… or it could be something coming up inside of you.

To Dream is a superpower of human nature! You were born to live your dream every day.

The challenge is… The Industrial Control Culture is designed to crush your dream and make you an obedient worker.

The opposite of dreaming is obedience.

This is why so many of us think we don’t have a dream. OR we settle for a dream that is really someone else’s dream… this happens A LOT!

NOW… is your time to rise up and play YOUR DREAM.

BUT… you don’t need to do it alone (that is another Industrial Control Mindset designed to keep you small), we will do it by playing together!


Life Coaching Is Everywhere ebook

Why do we say “Dream” instead of goal or success?

We say dream while most other coaching programs talk about goals, success or problems. Words matter.

  • Your Dream includes your imagination.
  • Your Dream includes your vision.
  • Your Dream includes your heart’s desires.
  • Your Dream includes how you want to contribute to life.
  • Your Dream includes who you want to become.
  • Your Dream includes the peak experiences you want to co-create.
  • Your Dream includes the spirit of play.
  • Your Dream includes a sense of wonder and mystery.

We are not about completing tasks or fixing your problems!

We are about UNLEASHING your Superpowers so you can live your dream every day!


As a Player

Having a clear and compelling dream to play each day is essential to uplevelling your experience of life. Living your Dream… NOW… (even if it is just 20 minutes per day) will bring aliveness and energy to everything you do.

Your Dream will “pull” you into the social world and provide engaging growth opportunities… this is how we unleash your Human Nature Superpowers!

PLUS… Get a taste of CV Group Coaching!

As a Coach…

Living your dream every day is your #1 credibility booster as a coach! When you share Peak Experiences, you are a magnet for players!

Practicing talking with other awesome humans about their dreams is an essential activity that you need to get really good at. Any opportunity to practice this is valuable for you.

Everytime you explore the Superpowers of Human Nature… your coaching confidence GROWS!!

2 Ways to participate!

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2) Self-paced with a buddy or 2

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FUN IDEA: invite a friend or two to do the program with you!

Here is the flow of Dream Discovery.

Start here: Describe your Dream as you currently envision it; even if it is just an inkling.

It can be simple statement of desire for new experiences.  Examples:

  • I want to experience a better connection with my neighbors.
  • I want to feel more energized in my career or business.
  • I want to create a safe space for the children in my neighborhood to play together.
  • I want to create a strong referral network for my business.

Each day we will explore the Human Nature Superpowers to look for “clues on the treasure map” to your Dreams.

  1. Day 1) Drive to BE Free
  2. Day 2) Love to BEfriend
  3. Day 3) Urge to Become
  4. Day 4) Need to BElong
  5. Day 5) Ability to BElieve


Human Nature

Your Dream leaves clues.

Like a treasure map…
NOT a road map

A Dream is any pursuit that gets you to move out of the Status Quo of life… where every day is just a repeat of the day before.

By exploring your Human Nature Superpowers we will find the starting point for your dream.

Even if you only have 20 minutes per day to play for your Dream, it can bring a powerful new aliveness to everything you do.

Discovering your dream will require a mix of curiosity, determination, and the playfulness to try a few new things.

Together we will explore the basics of “treasure map reading”… a powerful life skill!

It will be fun.

Together we make a few moves to unleash your Human Nature Superpowers and search for the clues that will lead us to your dream!

Let the adventure begin.

How it

The Play Plan

We will have an audio every day that will prepare you for the group session on zoom.

On the zoom session we will engage in some adventurous conversations; if you can’t make the live zoom session you can listen to the recorded audio.

If you can’t attend the Zoom sessions, no worries, you can organize a friend or two to explore the same topics we do on the zoom gathering. This is a great way to do the 5-Day Challenge Program!

Then there will be an activity to play with in your world that will spark your Dream Discovery.


I hope to see you soon.

Coach Dave