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Going through the motions; stuck in overwhelm.



Every day is a fun, growth-oriented adventure.

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Explore the treasure map of your Human Nature Superpowers

Everybody has a Dream… YOU have a Dream.


Squashed… but not forgotten

Discovering your dream can be the catalyst to a renewed life of adventure!

Your Dream is your waking dream that includes your vision for who you can become, desires for new experiences and your spirit of play. (It’s in you!)

Your dream is not a goal that you hope happens some day;
your dream is an adventure that you live every day.

This Fun 5-Day Challenge is for YOU … IF…

1) You are not sure if you have a dream or what it is… YES, Do it.

2) You know you are ready for something different or something more, but you are not sure if it is a Dream… YES… Do it!

3) You are already in transition in your life and wondering what’s next… YES! Do it.

4) You have a dream, but it has gotten a bit repetitive or lost some of its mojo or seems a bit stuck… YES! Do it.

5) You are playing for your dream and now your days are full of chaos and overwhelm… YES! Do it.

6) You have a dream, and you are fully energized and playing big almost every day. Well… This program is not specifically for you, but you will get some ideas for how to unleash your Human Nature Superpowers, which will be very useful for living your Dream. And you can share your wisdom with the other folks in the program. Maybe do it.


Often in the Industrial / Authoritarian Culture our dreams are squashed to the point where we don’t think we have a dream. OR we settle for a dream that is really someone else’s dream… this happens A LOT!

But I can say with 100% confidence that you do have a dream… because EVERYBODY has a Dream; having a dream is part of your Human Nature!


Human Nature

Your Dream leaves clues.

A Dream is any pursuit that gets you to move out of the Status Quo of life… where every day is just a repeat of the day before.

By exploring your Human Nature Superpowers we will find the starting point for your dream.

Even if you only have 15 minutes per day to play for your Dream, it can bring a powerful new aliveness to everything you do.


Your Dream Leaves Clues!…

Like a treasure map…
NOT a road map

Discovering your dream will require a mix of curiosity, determination, and the playfulness to try a few new things.

Together we will explore the basics of “treasure map reading”… a powerful life skill!

It will be fun.

TO Dream
 (Self-worth and Self-love)

*Choose your Desire


Drive to BE Free
(Self-Determination and Self-Trust)

*Choose Your Adventure

Love to Befriend
(Co-creation and Care)

* Choose your companions


Urge to Become
(Self-Expression and Spirit of Play)

* Choose your Practice (Growth)


Ability to Believe
(Self-Preservation and Self-Confidence)

* Choose your beliefs


Need to Belong
(Social-Value and Social Safety Instinct)

* Choose your people, places, things and ideas (environments)


Together we make a few moves to unleash your Human Nature Superpowers and search for the clues that will lead us to your dream!

Let the adventure begin.


How it

The Play Plan

We will have an audio every day that will prepare you for the group session on zoom.

On the zoom session we will engage in some adventurous conversations; if you can’t make the live zoom session you can listen to the recorded audio.

If you can’t attend the Zoom sessions, no worries, you can organize a friend or two to explore the same topics we do on the zoom gathering. This is a great way to do the 5-Day Challenge Program!

Then there will be an activity to play with that will spark your Dream Discovery.


I hope to see you soon.

Coach Dave



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