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We believe Life Coaches can uplift the Human family one person at a time.

We believe that in the heart of every coach… there is a Life Coach ????

We are here to uplift your life coaching spirit!

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If you have a dream to become a great coach, guide players in pursuit of their dreams, and thrive in the world… you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

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Join over 20,000 coaches in our FREE community membership. We gather around provocative conversations to uplift and uplevel your coaching spirit!

Coaching Question:

When is your ideal moment to share your BIG Dream with someone you just met?


As soon as possible after “Hello”!

Our BIG Dream…

The CoachVille Community Members are leaders
in the Global Coaching Movement.

With Coaching we can uplift the Human family; one person at a time.

Out of: Dehumanizing Authoritarian Hierarchical Control

Into: RE-Humanizing Egalitarian Co-creative Freedom



Together, with Coaching, we can restore our awesome Human Nature Superpowers
to PLAY together – and care for each other – as equals.

Free People, FREE PEOPLE!

Become A Coach

You can complete our program in as little as six months. Or you can take as long as you need. Super flexible schedule. You can mix live classes and self-paced learning.

Global Coaching Community

Uplift your coaching spirit with provocative conversations and a safe space for practice. We believe that inside of every coach… is a Life Coach. We have big plans for 2022.

Sliding Scale Tuition

We believe that everyone with the desire to coach should have access to a world class education regardless of economic circumstances. We’ve got you!

Activate Your Dream

Experience the 5-Day Challenge. It will energize the way you play your life everyday. AND you will experience some awesome coaching techniques.

What’s Happening Next

Member Events

CoachVille Member events are designed to uplift your Coaching Spirit and uplevel your skills. Provocative conversations. Always Free. Always Fun!

Upcoming Classes

A la carte classes are an excellent way to immerse yourself in the CoachVille environment. We practice in every class. Earn ICF CCEU’s and have fun doing it!

Group Coaching

Group coaching programs are the best way to go deep into the methods and techniques of coaching. Together we co-create a safe space of practice and personal growth.

Does this sound like you? If so, then you have the makings of a great coach.


You've excelled at the game of life.

Have you excelled in business, career, health, romance, leadership, athletics, or family? Do you have skills including sales, networking, management, eating well, dating, speaking, creating a vision, increasing speed, or parenting? Your unique experience and skills will enable your coaching superpowers.

You continue to love the game.

You want to coach an approach to life that you and living (and loving!) every day.

You enjoy helping others play life better.

Seeing other people develop, grow and succeed lights you up. You know how to challenge people when they are not living up to their own potential. You are the person others go to when they’re facing challenges, and you can offer perspective while remaining judgment-free.

You have the courage to play big.

You love to play big, expand your comfort zone even when the game changes. If you play big, you have what it takes to challenge your players to play big also. Your past successes as well as your openness to growth will enable your path to coaching mastery.

You are a force of good in the world.

Coaching is leadership. As a coach, you are a leader in the revolution to play big in the world. What you do every day plays a part in making the world a better place. You embrace challenges as you know they ultimately will enable you to be a stronger force for good in the world. Challenges build superpowers.


Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille, MCC, MBA

Dave is the beloved Chief Celebrant at CoachVille, and also the Head Coach in our Center for Coaching Master Program.

Enthusiasm and infectious energy are the original hallmarks of Coach Dave. He holds a deep desire to change the world through coaching and empower coaches and leaders worldwide.

He sees a way beyond bureaucracy, beyond rules to a way of truly living. He is inspiring and challenging coaches worldwide to become masterful, game-changing coaches and leaders.

His superpowers include championing the spirit of play, engaging in life-changing conversations, and being a catalyst for profound transformation. 

Dave is a Master Certified Coach and MBA, a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council and has been the CEO of CoachVille since 2004.

The human spirit of play is the biggest untapped energy source on the planet!

Dave Buck, MCC

CEO, CoachVille

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