Play Two Win ™ Method

9-step Coaching Method for Playing and Winning the Games of LifePlay Two Win Coach Training to Create Winning Results

Hey there!

Coach Dave here with you.

So great to have you here. I love your curiosity to click on the CoachVille post on your friends Facebook feed.  She or he is currently participating in our Play Two Win Method Coach training.

One of the awesome things about our coach training programs here at CoachVille is we are all about active learning and building community in pursuit of human greatness.

So what about you?

Are you curious about becoming a coach?

Perhaps you have heard that becoming a Professional Coach is a hot new professional opportunity.
You can become a professional coach with paying clients (we call them players) in less than one year.
If you are willing to hustle! Learn about our complete certification program here.

Or you may be interested in becoming a Coach Approach Leader in your community or company?

Or you may be a personal growth advocate looking for a powerful way to share what you have learned and contribute to the lives of the people you know.

All of these paths lead you to becoming at great coach by participating with CoachVille.


Let’s talk about the Play Two Win program your friend is doing now…

It is part of our Coach Certification program called the Center for Coaching Mastery. In this program you can earn your Professional Certified Coach Designation (PCC) and become a professional coach (Life Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach, really any endeavor that you have personal experience in you can coach after doing this program)

You will learn how to guide your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.

The story begins with YOU and your desire to do something great in the world.
Your quest will lead you on a path of transformation.

Transform your story as a player

From:  Working along to check tasks off of a to-do list and then enjoy some entertainment
To:  Playing with others to co-create winning results and love your game every day.

Transform your story as a Coach

From: control workers to complete tasks correctly and on time.

To: influence players to play better with a team to create winning results on their own terms.

This is a life-changing shift that will challenge your mind and habits AND will bring you the  joy of waking up every day excited to play the game of your life!

To truly play your big game you will step into your role as a Coach for your team.  You will aim to become a positive influence in the lives of the people around you and this will lead to another transformation:

In the program you will learn how to combine your personal experience with the Play Two Win Method to provide what every player wants from their coach: confidence that you can help them win.  Your confidence as a coach will soar as you master this method.

Get all of the details about his amazing program here!