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Hey there!

Coach Dave here with you.

So great to have you here. I love your curiosity to click on the CoachVille post on your friends Facebook feed.  She or he is currently participating in our Play Two Win Method Coach training.

One of the awesome things about our coach training programs here at CoachVille is we are all about active learning and building community in pursuit of human greatness.

So what about you?

Are you curious about becoming a coach?

Perhaps you have heard that becoming a Professional Coach is a hot new professional opportunity.
You can become a professional coach with paying clients (we call them players) in less than one year.
If you are willing to hustle! Learn about our complete certification program here.

Or you may be interested in becoming a Coach Approach Leader in your community or company?

Or you may be a personal growth advocate looking for a powerful way to share what you have learned and contribute to the lives of the people you know.

All of these paths lead you to becoming at great coach by participating with CoachVille.

Let’s talk about the Coaching Proficiency program your friend is doing now…

Take your Coaching Super Powers to the next level by learning the 16 Coaching Power Patterns developed by Thomas Leonard!
Thomas often referred to this program as the culmination of his life’s work… pretty profound!

Path of Transformation in your game as a player:

From: The worker you were trained to be; living another day of tasks.

To: The player you were BORN to be; creating a game of “ask”.

We call it the transformation from TASK to ASK.  It is liberating and fun!

Path of Transformation in your game as a Coach:

From: Coaching is an intervention for clients (workers) with problems

To: Coaching is co-creating life-changing conversations with players.

Life changing conversations.  This is what great coaching is all about! But how can you co-create them on a consistent basis?  The answer… Power Patterns!

A Power Pattern  is a phrase that bring an experience to life. Learning and using these power patterns will bring a powerful aliveness to every coaching conversation.  Your players will LOVE these conversations!  Even better, you can learn to use them “in the moment” to alter the course of a coaching session that is going flat or off track.

When the late Thomas Leonard taught the first Coaching Proficiencies Intensive it sent shock waves through the entire coaching industry. Never before – and never since – has the craft of coaching been so completely and inspiringly described.

New coaches were immediately lifted to a level of quality beyond what their experience would dictate.  And senior coaches – and LOTS of them participated in this – were shocked and delighted that there was a higher level of coaching in sight; and A LOT more to learn.  It was a breath of fresh air; It still is.

Find out what all of the fuss was about!