Welcome to the Inner Freedom Method!Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach
Coach Dave here with you.

I am thrilled to invite you to join us for the Inner Freedom Discovery game that is included in our free CoachVille Membership. This game is a series of audio recordings, recorded coaching sessions, playsheets and challenges that will introduce you to the method that I have used to transform lives for 15 years.

We are talking about playing for our BIG dreams in life; our Heroes Journey type of dreams where we are called to create, share, express, lead, influence or innovate in a way that will make life better.

You will discover…

  • If you have the desire to take an action for your dream but you are NOT doing it, then you need INNER FREEDOM.
  • If you are a coach or coach approach leader and you have a player who is NOT taking an important action for their dream, then YOU need the INNER FREEDOM METHOD.
  • Why your BIG dream often leads to overwhelm, frustration and isolation
  • Why Time Management is NOT a solution for FEAR
  • Why there is NO SUCH THING as self-sabotage… and how to cultivate tenacious self love!
  • Why you need a capable guide for the INNER Journey that every BIG Dream requires AND
  • Why you can’t achieve Inner Freedom while in isolation
  • Why Inner Freedom is essential for thriving with leadership, business and MONEY!

Here is a link to a PDF playsheet from the Inner Freedom Discovery Game

Here is a brief audio that I recorded to introduce you to some of the big ideas…

We are talking about FEAR!

OK. Now that the truth is on the table, the REALLY BIG question is:

What is the best way to coach someone facing FEAR?

For sure, there are many really bad and ineffective concepts out there!

In the Inner Freedom Method a powerful and provocative way that I use with my players every day.

This quote will set the stage:

“If you make fear your enemy, it will defeat you.

If you make fear your friend, it will guide you.

Your FEARS are a treasure map to your Superpowers.”

The Heroes Journey

I believe that every Human Life is a Heroes Journey! A call to play BIGGER out in the world. Every day there are opportunities to accept the call or refuse the call and either choice is OK! However, if you do accept the call to adventure, then you must be prepared to go deeper into yourself. That is what every Heroes Journey is really about.

The Inner Freedom Method is a map of the territory for the INNER Journey that makes success in the OUTER world possible.

With this map you will be a capable and valued Guide for anyone with a Dream to do something BIG in the world.

The Inner Freedom Discovery Game is the next step on the adventure of a life time!
It’s informative, fun and FREE!

Shares from the Game Card

Coach Calvin Chen, Los Angeles California, Shares…

My client  just called me a coaching “God”. Let me explain (ha!). We had an Inner Freedom experience focused on his tendency to reject business deals prematurely to not waste time.  We found some very powerful pattern language he was using. And when the switch flipped — he went from “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive” to “I know I have it in me to do whatever it takes to SUCCEED, that’s just who I am, that’s how I roll”

.. and he just kept looping that pattern language over and over.. you can hear the difference in his tone. Prior to the session he was very intellectual and mind-driven, self-admittedly disconnected from his body and feelings and he came out of the session feeling INTEGRATED and ALIVE.. he was tickled that he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he kept with this PLAY BIG intention + new pattern language.

Coach Anneli Videmyr, Stockholm Sweden, shares…

“My player told me today she will never forget the fantastic relief she felt when we did the Inner Freedom Method – that was one of the first sessions with her and it was not complex at all. She said it helps her in her job every week. When she gets a “small nervous attack” she does a light version for herself! Isn’t this great… Inner Freedom Coaching is creating sustainable self growth.  I am still astounded about this method.”

Another Player told me: “I feel so relieved after this Inner Freedom session and much more calm to attend a big meeting next week”.