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Our vision is that anyone in the world with the courage to play BIG in life has a GREAT COACH.

One of the ways we fulfill this vision is by equipping EVERY coach with the resources in CoachVille’s Basic Membership…

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Resource #1:

A Connected Community
of 25,000 Coaches like YOU!

Any Time Of Day Or Night, Connect With Coaching-Oriented Individuals


The CoachVille community is diverse and waiting for YOU to add yourself to the mix. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, no problem or success that can’t be shared because with the CoachVille Connect dashboard in your personal member area someone is always online to connect with.

After joining CoachVille by clicking any of the blue ‘Join now’ buttons on this page, you simply login and create your profile. It takes 2 minutes, and your networking can begin! Use our powerful member search to find colleagues based on geography or coaching focus. CoachVille members from Australia to Zimbabwe pride themselves not just on providing moral support, but sharing leads, referral sources and best practices via internal CoachVille email and live instant chat.

Just another reason to become a CoachVille member – let the connecting begin!

Benefit #2:

Real Coaching Audio Archive Sampler
with Master Certified Coach and CEO of CoachVille, Dave Buck


Do you know what great coaching sounds like? How about the all-important ‘first coaching session?’ Listening to great ‘first coaching sessions’ is a very good place to set a foundation as a coach. Joining CoachVille gives you that chance right out of the gate.

As a CoachVille member, you get access to full recordings of two different ‘First Coaching Sessions’ from the Real Coaching Archive with Coach Dave Buck, CEO of CoachVille and Master Certified Coach. Dave and clients dive into meaty issues right away and you get to eavesdrop.

The Real Coaching Archive is a CoachVille exclusive.
These two recordings are included in your Basic Membership.

Real Coaching Preview is here

Resource #3:


Fifteen “Get Started” Coaching Forms

Professionally-Designed For Use Directly With Clients & Prospects


Have you heard of the ‘Clean-Sweep,’ an assessment form that can simply and easily take a person who’s curious about coaching and convert them into a paying clients? Why reinvent the wheel – put that to use for yourself, today!

But wait…how about a user-friendly pre-coaching prep form, post-coaching prep form and the ‘Get the Most from Coaching’ form? Bring on those coaching clients, you’ll be more than ready.

CoachVille membership includes 15 of the most essential coaching forms needed to begin a professional coaching practice. Best of all? They’re accessible *right away* so even if your coaching session is in an hours, you’ll be ready. Why wait another minute?

Resource #4:

The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System Overview

The Premiere System For Mastering The Craft Of Coaching,
Including The 15 Proficiencies


Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachVille and widely-regarded as founding father of coaching, had a vision that coach training could be quick and simple. This bold opinion is reflected in the 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System he developed.

Instantly acclaimed as groundbreaking work, the 15 Proficiencies, Deliverables, Clarifiers, Style Points and Frameworks, form the basis for what a coach fundamentally does. As a CoachVille member, you get immediate access to the scorecard for each of the 5 elements and an overview of each proficiency.

Warning: it’s often remarked that this provocative coaching system “changes the game of coaching completely” and puts “skilled coaching within reach of almost everyone, quickly.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! In fact, we hope it becomes true as soon as you review the system.

Resource #5:

Fifteen “Sign Players, Earn Money”
Practice-Building Resources

Find Your Ideal 1-on-1 Players, Add New Business Models
Including Passive Income


It’s all well and good to be great at coaching, but what’s the point if you have no players? Your CoachVille membership addresses this head on with 15 lessons on getting paying players.

The 15 written lessons (with accompanying worksheets and coaching questions) include a sampling from the Full Practice, Passive Revenue for Coaches and 42 Income Streams for Coaches, all written by Thomas Leonard, also known as Coaching’s Founding Father. Want to create coaching products? Examples included. Want to add value to your clients in innovative ways? How about earning passive income as a coach? These are the resources for you.

Once again, these resources are only at CoachVille, where we love to underpromise and overdeliver! If you’re still reading, wondering what’s the catch, why all these resources for free, no charge? Relax. There really is no catch. We just love coaching and want everyone interested in coaching to succeed – that means you!

So instead of reading about what you get, may we suggest – getting it and diving in, already? Becoming a Basic CoachVille member is quick (3 minutes) and free.


Resource #6:

Live And Inspiring Coaching Conversation

Fresh Content & Interviews Hosted Via Phone, WWW and Podcast


Coaching conversations are a microcosm of societal trends and the fast pace of life. Did something just happen in the news? Who just did something noteworthy in our world? What big societal trends are affecting work, love and life today? These things will impact your clients and your coaching, so being equipped to coach knowledgeably about them is just smart.

Hosted by CEO of CoachVille, Master Certified Coach Dave Buck and General Manager of CoachVille, MCC and IAC-CC Terri Zelenak, there weekly calls that are free to attend as a CoachVille member.

The ‘CoachVille Caffeine’ show airs on Mondays at 1 PM ET

Not to worry though, if you can’t attend in person. Audio recordings are archived and available for downloading at your convenience.

Remember the brain researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza from “What the BLEEP do we know?” Want to hear how brain research explains the power of coaching?
It is in the Caffeine Archive!

Join now for immediate access!

Resource #7:

3 Hours With Coaching’s Founding Father, Thomas Leonard
Provocative And Topical – One-Of-A-Kind Audio Recordings


One of the most provocative thinkers on the coaching landscape was Thomas Leonard, known to the world as the founder of modern professional coaching. It’s widely agreed that Thomas was responsible for bringing the concept of coaching to the attention of mainstream media. On that basis, there’s now a fantastic living to be made by tens of thousands of coaches (perhaps you?).

By now, you may also know Thomas was also the founder of CoachVille, Coach U, the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaching. He epitomized independent thinking, and lived, worked and coached for years out of his RV.

We may be biased, but we’re of the opinion that no coach, aspiring or veteran, should be without the experience of hearing Thomas’s vision and intellect at work. So we’ve included 3 wonderful recordings of Thomas.

Those curious about coaching may wonder ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ when it comes to Thomas Leonard. Well, wonder no more. You can hear for yourself when you become a CoachVille member.

Resource #8:

You Can Coach! eBook & teleclass archive


The “You Can Coach” eBook and Audio Archive is a great resource for the aspiring coach. It includes:

Chapter 1: The Coaching Manifesto – a powerful declaration of the purpose of coaching in the world today
Chapter 2: The Play Better Method – a compelling step by step approach to getting great results with EVERY player.

Both chapters are packed with Coaching Ideas that you can use right away; Ideas you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

Teleclass archive
On these recordings you will…
Learn a great new coaching concept or skill that you can use right away in your own life AND with your players.


Resource #9:

Coaching Mistakes – Less Oops – More WOW!

This collection of 101 common coaching mistakes is one-of-a-kind in the coaching field. Comprehensive and presented in an easy to digest format, it’s simply a must-have for any coaching professional.
Starting with ‘Not sharing your inklings’ and ‘Being too noisy,’ be sure to make time for each of these. Alternatively, a convenient print version of the mistakes is available for a nominal charge.
At CV We are reinventing professional coaching with the Spirit of Play
And YOU can be a part of it! Simply by joining CoachVille.

Bonus Resources
Much more inside,

just the other side of the ‘Join now’ button…

We hope you agree by now that at CoachVille we walk the talk of ’adding value for the joy of it’ one of Thomas’ most popular sayings.

Saying that, we don’t want you to be overwhelmed, so we’ll give it to you straight. There are even *more* resources included in your CoachVille membership than are listed above. These include nuggets from the Attraction Program, the 101 Coaching Mistakes, and much more. Let’s face it, CoachVille is unique in the wide range of resources that support coaches – truly a one-stop shop – at an investment that allows everyone to benefit.

But, like a good coach should, we’ll stop. We’ve said enough for now, and it’s your turn to respond. If you feel that even one of the resources above would have a positive impact on your goals and dreams to become a Coach, then we invite you to get in the game.
YOUR game is waiting for you to get playing.

See you on the other side of the ‘join now’ button…