Real Coaching Sessions

Real Coaching Sessions

Basic Membership includes 3 Real Coaching Session Audios

Pro Coach includes Over 30 “Real Coaching” Sessions. Listen in and learn with Dave Buck, Master Certified Coach and CEO of CoachVille.

In the Basic Coach membership you received the first session recordings of two Real Coaching sets. With your Pro-Coach Membership you get to listen to the complete set of 6 sessions PLUS over 20 additional sessions recorded with the players in our Business Academy for Coaches. While you listen to these powerful sessions you will learn coaching skills AND business skills and strategies at the same time! AND you will be blown away by pure authenticity of the players as they boldly pursue a life of Human Greatness.

These sessions are a treasure. Observing another practitioner of your craft is one of the most important and most profound steps on the path to mastery.

The ‘Real Coaching’ Collection includes six consecutive sessions with two clients, each facing a unique and challenging opportunity. Listen in as the situations unfold and hear how coaching contributes to the ultimate outcome. How would you have coached in this situation? What method, style and nuance do you hear in Dave’s coaching, and how might that add depth to your next session with one of your players?

There is something very special about listening to the same client progress through a complete series of 6 coaching sessions. Again, a CoachVille exclusive that’s part of the Professional Coach Membership. Also, at the conclusion of several sessions you can listen in on a live debrief between Coach Dave and the students of our Center for Coaching Mastery. This is very educational.

The Complete Real Coaching Archive is included in the annual Pro Coach membership. If it seems too good to be true, it’s okay, there really is no catch. Just pure unadulterated love and commitment to advancing the field of coaching. Won’t you join us?