Learn the 10 Coaching Super Powers!

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way.Basic Coaching Super Powes at CoachVille

Delve into the 10 Coaching Super Powers and 10 Coaching Skills; also known as the ICF Core Competencies.

Playing with these Super Powers will accelerate you into Coach Approach Leadership and enjoying life in the Connected Age of Purpose. And learning them will provide the foundation you need to become a Certified Professional Coach!

Transform Your Story as a Player

From: Managing your life & completing tasks
To Loving your life & creating results

Transform Your Story as a Coach

From: Coaching is telling people how to do things the right way.
To: Coaching is a profound personal relationship in pursuit of life-changing results.

If you aim to become a Certified Coach, your ability to demonstrate the 10 Super Powers at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

This self-paced program includes…

6 2-hour class recordings;
Down load them and take your learning on the go.

6 recordings of real coaching between Coach Dave and Player Maile 
truly if you listen to these over and over you will find yourself naturally flowing into powerful coaching conversations.

100 Page Play Book

  • This incredible resource includes step-by-step coaching conversation guides that you can use to create powerful coaching sessions right away. Just start coaching!
  • Includes class outlines for the teleclass recordings so you can follow along with the conversation!

Self-paced doesn’t have to mean alone!

OK. So this is a self-paced program which most of the time also means that you do it alone. For sure you can listen to the recordings alone BUT consider this as a bonus idea: we invite you to share the program with a colleague and listen to the program together!

Why do we recommend this… AS you read the playbook and listen to the class recordings you will notice that the class is conducted through both big group and small group conversations. You get to listen to the BIG group conversations, but what about the small group? This is where your buddy comes in. When the course leader announces the topic for small group conversation, you can stop the recording and dive into the topic with your buddy for a few minutes. This will really enhance your learning AND it will create a powerful experience of belonging with your friend! And that is awesome.


Here is the model for this program!

10 Coaching Super Powers



What you will learn…

Super Powers are your foundation for excellenceCV-CoachingSuperPowers-300-png

We will cover each of the 10 Coaching Superpowers and 10 Coaching Skills (aka Core Competencies) one at a time, in a way that makes them easy to use and remember; and we will demonstrate how each Super Power / Skill naturally leads to the next. To be a master crafts person you must know and practice the basic skills – over and over again. Using our active learning method, you will learn each skill through observation and practice. This is important because your ability to demonstrate these Super Powers is what will ultimately lead to your certification.

Important: even though this is a self-paced program, we strongly urge you to recruit practice players for coaching while you do the program just like the students in the live class so!

How to talk like a coach with the Spirit of Play

When you look at the ten core skills, they look pretty… well… basic! They are. The key is to MASTER them through the 10 Super Powers and continual practice of talking like a coach.

The Spirit of Play and Play Pattern language set the Coach Approach apart from every other approach to Human Achievement. When you keep your conversations around playing big and playing better you will never be confused with another type of professional. If your aim is to become a practicing Professional Coach then it is essential for you, your players and our profession that you learn how to demonstrate these skills.

We will explore how to distinguish coach talk from patterns that you may already be familiar to you.  When you are new to coaching, it is VERY easy to fall into conversational patterns that you are familiar with like friend, boss, colleague, parent (or counselor, therapist if you have done these).

The Pursuit of Human Greatness

The key distinction is how you balance support and challenge. To become great you must be challenged out of your comfort zone and then fully supported as you face these challenges. You will learn how to do this using the basic coaching Super Powers.

Coaching Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Coaching is way more challenging than it first appears and mistakes WILL happen.  Just like your players make mistakes in the game they are playing. Mistakes are a part of any worthwhile venture. The key is to be AWARE of the common mistakes so that you can avoid them and / or recover quickly when you make them.

Meet Player Maile!Maile Coach Approach Entrepreneur

As part of the Basic Coaching class you will “listen in” on 6 provocative coaching conversations between Coach Dave and Player Maile of Maile Stones.
Maile is an inspiring entrepreneur who has set out to become a highly profitable, fun having,  “Coach Approach” business owner.
As you listen in on these sessions you will learn how to use the Coaching Super Powers AND you will be inspired to bring the Coach Approach to your big game in life.

Another benefit to listening to real coaching is that you may get some insights into your own game of life at the same time. It just happens like that.

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