Simply Brilliant Mastermind Level 1: Maker

Come with your DREAM.
Leave with your BUSINESS.

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Hi there! Coach Dave here with you.

Simply Brilliant is a miraculous business building program specifically for professional coaches.

The program is based on the BIG IDEA that business in the Connected Age is like Performance Art. To thrive in this new economy you must create fulfilling – even transformational – experiences for your community and customers during every phase of your business relationship: from how you become visible to how you coach them in pursuit of their dreams.

YES!! Super Fun

In the program you will:

1) Develop your Signature Business Model where you design the experiences you want to create

2) Become BRILLIANT at PLAYING business – specifically business conversations,

3) Dramatically expand your comfort zone for business activities and MONEY!!! AND

4) Expand your ability to coach for transformational results

It is TOTALLY different than most typical business programs where a guru reveals their secrets!

It is a PLAYSHOP environment where you
BECOME a thriving business person
by creating your own signature business model
AND inventing your SELF through Transformational PLAY.

Awww yeah.

Here is an orientation audio that I recorded with a few coaches who will be participating in the program with you!
I recommend that you download it and take me with you on a walk (the little down arrow in the upper right corner)

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In the Connected Age of Play…
Business Is Performance Art!

Simply BRILLIANT is a 12 Week PLAYSHOP experience where you create your own business model AND invent your SELF as a person who is BRILLIANT at Business. It’s super fun, challenging and rewarding.

Business is no longer about completing tasks and doing work; ESPECIALLY NOT a coaching business.

Business is about creating fulfilling experiences for your customers; experiences that fulfill a purpose in their lives where they live into their dreams and aspirations.

This is what performing artists have done for thousands of years; musicians, singers, dancers, story tellers, even athletes, use their highly refined talents and their point of view to create experiences that move and inspire us and help us see our own possibilities in a new way.

In fact, my opinion is that ALL social media platforms are Performing Art venues. People everywhere are sharing their stories and their point of view… hopefully with the aim to contribute to the lives of others.

THIS is business today and it is AWESOME!

What does this mean? Well, here is what it means to be a business owner / performing artist:

  • You have a point of view that you want to share with the world.
  • You have talents that you continually practice, refine and expand
  • You want to share your value with others to create fulfilling experiences AND
  • you want to receive value in return in the form of MONEY and JOY!

Business success is created by being seen and known and by playing and performing at a high level.
Coaching success is created by making and fulfilling a promise to guide another person in pursuit of their dreams!

Like ALL performance art it takes a LOT of practice AND a lot of feedback to cultivate your abilities and find your voice.

That is what the Simply Brilliant program is all about AND why it is SO unique when compared to most other business development programs.

In the Simply Brilliant Program you will do 4 THINGS:

1) Create “current” Clarity on your ideal players
and the Performance-Possibility GAP that you pursue with them.

2) Create (or uplevel) your Signature Business Model
based on YOU, YOUR Voice and your natural abilities.
This is your art. This is the experience you create for your community and clients.

This includes your Visibility, Credibility, Possibility (Sales) AND Coaching Method.

I will share with you examples from my coaching business that you can use for ideas and structure. BUT the real game is to create YOUR signature business model.

3) You will learn how to PLAY the essential business conversations
by practicing with your peers. These are the “INFLUENCE” skills you need to perform your art.

During in class PLAYSHOP experiences you will step into new ways of being.
You will PLAY to invent yourself as a confident business person.

4) You will cultivate the INNER FREEDOM
(in the form of NEW Body Beliefs) required to PLAY BIG

in the world of business. This means you will expand your comfort zone… A LOT!

There are many “Body Beliefs” that you must develop to BECOME a performing artist in the business world.
For example: “It is safe to make a big promise to another person”
or, “It is safe to introduce myself to a stranger and ask a provocative question.”
Most of us currently have “body beliefs” that these activities are NOT safe.

Here we will explore the most common Body Beliefs that I have discovered in 20 years as a business coach.
You will discover the specific “Body Beliefs” that are either expanding or restricting the way you play business.

Note: Simply Brilliant is NOT a “one and done” thing that you learn. It is a PLAYSHOP environment that you will want to be a part of as you continue to grow your business. Most people will do the program 2 or 3 times to develop a solid level of mastery and then come back once every year to UpLevel their performance. Toward this end we have a very reasonable fee to return to the program after your first “season”.

Next Program: October 1st - December 17th

Investment = $1,795
2018 Special Price = $1,395

Program Structure

The program is designed to be immersive! However please don’t be intimidated by it. You don’t have to attend everything. My goal is to provide you with ALL the support and connection that you might need and it is up to you to participate in the way that serves you best.

Monday – Playshop

Mondays 11 AM – 1 PM ET 

In Simply Brilliant we create and grow by PLAYing together.

In each session we will to 3 BIG things

1) CREATE Your Business Model

In small group conversation you will co-create your Signature Business Model by sharing your ideas and learning from what your colleagues are creating

2) PRACTICE / role play

With a partner you will practice the conversations that you design in your business model.
Through the power of PLAY you will gradually INVENT yourself as a confident business person.

3) EXPAND Inner Freedom

Each week you will choose a specific business activity that you want to do with more FREEDOM.

With your partner you will share the details of the activity and your desired results.

Then your partner will guide you through the Inner Freedom Method to identify and embrace any “Body Beliefs” that are causing conflict and create a new vision of WHO you must become to play with the activity.

BONUS: while these sessions will dramatically improve your business clarity, abilities and freedom, they will also improve your abilities to coach because you will be coaching each week using Transformational Play!

Magic Monday!

After our group session on Monday from 11 – 1 PM ET… your mission is to go out into the marketplace – physical or virtual – and PLAY BIG using the Inner Freedom you just developed.

BIG THINGS are going to happen for you.

Wednesday – Open Coaching / Partner Coaching

12 – 1:30 PM ET
(Time subject to change some weeks)
{These calls are optional}

On alternating Wednesdays we will have Open coaching with me OR Partner Coaching with a colleague.

During Open Coaching I will conduct a coaching session with one or two members of the group who volunteer in advance;
YES, you can volunteer!

In BOTH cases the coaching will include a powerful combination of Role Play and Inner Freedom.


Friday – Celebration and Learning

12 – 1 PM ET
Big group and small group conversations
(time subject to change on some weeks)
{These calls are optional… but HIGHLY recommended}

When you set out to create, explore, learn and grow by PLAYING, it is SUPER valuable to talk about your experiences. As you share you will ACTIVATE your own learning. You also learn by listening to the experiences of your colleagues.

Celebration is essential to growth as well. As we celebrate our successes together AND as we celebrate our learning from challenges together we all become more connected and capable.

Most of the time when we try new things it doesn’t go so well and we stop. This is because there is no one with us to help us evaluate what happened with judgment-free awareness. These conversations will make a huge difference in your experience.

Every day – Game Card

The Game Card is the hub of our Simply Brilliant community.
On the Game Card you will share:

  • Written outlines of your Signature Business Model
  • Your intentions for action for the upcoming week
  • Your experiences of using your business model in the world

This is powerful because you can get feedback, ideas and support from your colleagues.


Program Dates: Monday October 1st -> Friday December 21st

The investment for this one of a kind business program for coaches is $1,795.
2018 Special Price = $1,395 (SAVE $400!)

Simply Brilliant Business Program



You can register here for the 2018 Registration payment plan of 3 monthly payments of  $535


GSC/Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Program students

You can participate in this program one time as part of Coach Training program. AWESOME!

To claim your spot send an email to Coachdave @ CoachVille
in the subject line:
“Simply Brilliant Registration 11 AM ET”
“Simply Brilliant Registration 7 PM ET”

We will take care of getting you registered!
ps. you can attend either group call on a given Monday.
We just want to know which group you are most likely to attend.

Create your Signature Business Model

Before we get into the details about the Signature Business Model that you are going to MAKE in this program (or upgrade), I want to share with you a quick thought about the BYPRODUCT of doing this…


Feeling confident. Feeling excited to talk with your ideal players because you know you are 100% ready for them. It is utterly amazing how much more compelling you will be when you have NO DOUBTS about how you play the business game and how you co-create the experience of belonging, awareness and results with your players.

Yes, you will keep growing and learning and getting better all the time. BUT you need a foundation of GOOD to step into that level of growth.

THAT is what you will feel when you complete Simply Brilliant Level 1: Maker!

mmmmmm. SO GOOD!

The core elements of your business model

Your business model consists of conversation guides and media that you will use to create fulfilling experiences with your clients.

Remember the concept of business as a performance art?

So using that metaphor of a singer, this would be the part where you write your songs and stories.
Then in the next section we will talk about how you master your performance of your songs through practice and play.

In a coaching business there is one central theme to everything that you do:
The Performance Possibility Gap.

Then there are 4 business areas that are essential for your coaching business and are required by every business in some form:

  1. Visibility (Marketing)
  2. Credibility
  3. Possibility (Sales / Enrollment)
  4. Coaching (Fulfillment of the service or Delivery of the product)

The Performance Possibility Gap

  • People hire a coach to do something better. AKA Performance.

  • People hire a coach to co-create a new possibility and then live into it.
    I also call this the pursuit of their DREAM

Contrary to some business pundits, coaching is NOT about problems or pain.

A “Performance – Possibility GAP” happens when a person realizes that there is a gap between their current capability AND what is needed for them to fulfill their DREAM.
When the Player SEES the gap as a possibility, they are ready to hire a coach. And not one moment before.

Everything you do as a coach is connected to this GAP! You are either bringing awareness to the GAP, living into the GAP or narrowing the GAP… hopefully expertly and ALL THE TIME.

Your originating question opens the path to this GAP.

Your originating question is like the North Star of your coaching business. It illuminate the Performance Possibility Gap that your coaching lives into every day.

For example, you saw the Originating Question for this program at the top of this page:

What will be possible when you are a great coach AND you are Brilliant at Business?

Or the originating question for my coaching right now:

What will be possible when you UNLEASH your Superpowers?

Your Originating Question usually starts a BIG Adventure and leads to many additional beautiful questions.

This will be a THING you create while in Simply Brilliant.


The way you become seen and known by potential players. This is where the adventure begins with you creating a fulfilling experience for members of your community in a way that brings you together with your potential players.

The key is to “find your voice” so that in every way that you communicate your potential players resonate with what you are saying and how you are saying it.

This is also known as marketing in most business building programs.

Elements of your Signature Visibility Method Include:

  • Participate with your tribe
  • Cultivate Referral Partners
  • Speak / Write / Network
  • Engage Via Social Media


This is the the way you co-create belonging with the people that show an interest is what you have to offer.

Your success stories of co-creating results with players are the most valuable assets in your credibility portfolio.

This is also known as the like and trust factor.

Elements of your Signature Credibility Method include:

  • Your Content
  • Your Success Stories
  • Cultivate Your Advocates
  • Always Have Something To Invite People To

Possibility / Sales / Enrollment

The Way you co-create the “YES” experience with a potential player is also known as enrollment or Sales.

This part of your Signature Business Model will impact your business success more than anything else. When you de

sign your perfect sequence of conversations and experience to enroll your ideal players EVERYTHING else falls into place.

Elements in your signature Possibility Method include:

  • Your Enrollment Method (often called your exploratory or discovery process)
  • Your Offer Sequence
  • Your Follow Up Method
  • Build Your List of Prospects / Gather your tribe

Your Coach-Ability

People hire a coach to pursue their dream and get results! People PAY for results.
So you must be prepared coach for results.

And you also coach to create Becoming, Belonging AND Awareness because they are the precursors to new results.

Items in Signature Coaching Method include:

  • Your Coaching Method to create Results!
  • Your Coaching Packages and pricing
  • Your Onboarding Method for new clients

The Inner Freedom Method


In this program we are going to explore the idea of INNER FREEDOM a LOT including Inner Freedom Partner Coaching every other Wednesday.

Inner Freedom is when your “BODY beliefs” are in alignment with your intentions to play BIG in the world. Most of the time they are NOT and this is why most people get stuck when they set out to do something awesome in the world; also why coaching is SOO valuable. HAH!

In the imagery in the Inner Freedom program is to get your Hearts Desires through a maze of fears and doubts out into the world.

Here is an example from my life.

When I started coaching, my visibility game was pretty simple: I just called everyone I knew and told them I was becoming a life coach. (remember, this is 21 years ago.) I also sent PHYSICAL MAIL! Yikes.

My credibility and trust building game was pretty simple too because I was only contacting people that already knew me and liked me. My credibility was based on the simple idea that everyone plays better with a coach and life is important so they should talk to me.

Next comes the enrollment experience. This was more of a mixed bag. Sometimes it was really easy because Life coaching was new and the other person was really intrigued with the idea of having a life coach, my fees were low, I would ask them a few questions and they would just sign up.

HOWEVER sometimes THIS would happen…

I would be talking to the person about what they dreamed of doing and they would get excited.

But then… THEY would ASK ME A QUESTION. (This was NOT in my script!!!!!!)

They would ask: “Gee, do you really think I can do it?”

THEN a strange thing would happen to me!

My chest would start to buzz. My throat would tighten up.

Then I would SAY the right words: “Of course you can! I believe in you. and I believe in coaching.”

But my energy was running in the opposite direction!

Then inevitably they would say something like: “mmm. OK. Well, I am going to have to think about this”. And they were gone.

This was a pretty common experience and it really troubled me. But at the time I didn’t know what to do about it. I just kept looking for new people to talk to and hoped they didn’t ask me that question!

LATER, I learned about the impact of ENERGY and what I now call “BODY BELIEFS”.

Body beliefs are mostly developed in our younger years and the SOLE purpose of our FEARFUL “Body Beliefs” is to keep us SAFE.

In this case my Body Belief was this:


It is SUPER easy to see where a “body belief” like this comes from. In my case I had been on both ends of the equation at different times in my life. I had made a promise to someone and even though I tried really hard things got out of control and I didn’t come through… and I experienced the heart break of disappointing someone I cared about. Likewise I had been on the receiving end of counting on someone who didn’t come through on something I was really looking forward to.

The big thing I discovered was that I couldn’t THINK my way out of the energy because it was in my BODY not in my BRAIN. Instead, later I learned how to FEEL my way through it.

This process became the INNER FREEDOM Method that I use in my coaching all the time and it will be integral to the Simply Brilliant program! (AND you can learn how to do it in our coach training program)

We all have HUNDREDS of Body Beliefs like this and the fearful ones create energy conflict when we set out to do something BIG in the world that will contribute to the lives of others. Some that we will explore in this program include:

  • It is not safe to be seen;
  • It is not safe for me to be fully myself;
  • It is not safe to talk about money.

These fearful Body Beliefs – which are totally natural and serve a valuable purpose in our lives – present an important growth opportunity when you set out to build a coaching business.

It is essential to the Simply Brilliant Experience.

The other BIG part of this growth experience for me was the development of my Signature Coaching Method. When I started coaching, what I was doing was pretty random. Sometimes it was amazing, but other times we would talk and then nothing would happen. This contributed to by body’s belief that it was not safe to make a BIG promise.

So in addition to learning how to shift my Body Beliefs, I ALSO had to develop my Signature Coaching Method so that I had more confidence in the results I could promise to my potential player.

The Playshop Experience

This is the coolest thing EVER!!!

I know what you might be thinking… “Gee, this program seems REALLY intense.”

You have to show up on Monday and be vulnerable while you role play and practice conversations both as the coach AND as the partner.

You have to show up on Wednesdays to explore your FEARS using the Inner Freedom Method with a partner.

You have to show up on Friday and share about what you learned… potentially from failures; and it can be embarrassing sometimes to share about something really good that happened for the first time.

It requires a LOT of vulnerability to invent yourself; to become a new version of yourself; to step into the unknown!

Then you might think: “gee, maybe I should just sign up for another guru program for $1,997 dollars where I can safely watch videos and silently listen to group calls and write down a lot of notes that I will never review.

And don’t forget the $20,000 worth of Bonus Programs I will never use!!!!


This method of learning has proven NOT to work only about… 100,000,000 times!!!

The key point is that the Industrial Age model of learning was designed for people who would sit alone in a cubicle or factory station completing repetitive tasks.

But building a coaching business is NOT repetitive work so that method of learning is futile!!!

Business is now a highly creative performing art SO… you need a performing artist type of learning environment; one that includes lots of practice, performance, observation, collaboration and feedback ALONG with the autonomy to develop your own voice.

That is what the Simply Brilliant program can be for you…

IF… you have the courage and the determination to step into it.

The 3 criteria for participation

THIS IS A TEAM program!


1) You must desire to expand who you are as a person and as a business player.
You can’t do this program and just stay the way you are!

2) You must desire to be seen by your tribe and in the world. You cannot do this program with visibility as a “necessary evil” of business. Even if being truly seen is scary for you – as it is for most people – you must be 100% committed to breaking through anything that holds you back from being seen in the world. If you commit… we can get you there!

3) You must be prepared to participate fully and CARE about your teammates. Caring means observing what they are creating and sharing what you see with judgment-free awareness. This is an essential coaching skill… and we all need to BE this for each other.

Why Learn the Coaching Business From Me?

I have been a professional Business & Life Coach for over 20 years. I was one of the first professional Life Coaches to run a 6-figure business. I was ICF Member #72 and I was one of the first ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC) in the world. I have coached some of the most successful coaches in the field; several who now have 7 figure coaching businesses. I also have an MBA.

I had 5 amazing years talking with Thomas Leonard – the founding father of professional coaching – every day. We talked about life, coaching and the business of coaching ALL THE TIME. We co-created many programs together like the “Attraction Program”, “Personal Evolution”, “Full Practice 100” and “The Coaching Proficiencies”. Through these experiences I became an advocate for the individuals who aim to become a professional coach. YOU!

I LOVE coaching AND I LOVE business! And one of my main goals in life is to help professional coaches like YOU THRIVE in the business world. It is WAAAY harder than it looks!

The “game” of business is evolving all the time so we coaches need to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Business now is less about doing work and more about PLAY and performance and creative expression. At the same time, there are fundamentals to business relationships and human influence that never change so we need to honor those principles as well. I pay close attention to both.

If you are going to learn the coaching business from someone, I recommend ME!


Book an exploratory session with me and we can talk it through.

Send an email to coachdave @ (with no spaces)
Subject Line: Simply Brilliant Exploratory Call