Value and Visibility Intensive – Teleclass

Unleash Your Super Powers and Share Them With the World!

The Value and Visibility Intensive is a transformational group coaching program where you will discover and recover your unique value … your SUPER POWERS. You will OWN them and then SHARE them powerfully with the team and then gradually… with the world around you!

WE KNOW THIS IS A REALLY BIG CHALLENGE!!! Because over time you have learned to be a fraction of who you were born to be. You move around in the world as the 25% “You”. In this program we step into the WHOLE YOU. In this program we UNLEASH YOU!

A BIG benefit of this program is the experience of REAL coaching in the form of  “observation-conversation loops”. This is especially powerful for coaches and leaders because you get the benefit of personal transformation AND your imagination with burst with creative ideas for how you can become a more Connected Coach for your players!

Detailed Description

There is a simple way to understand the games of life, career, business and leadership:

All you have to do is: Be yourself, Add value and Build relationships.

HAH! True. But these happen to be three of the most challenging a Human can set out to do and sometimes they seem to be impossible!

I have coached over 1,000 individuals over the past 20 years. I have learned that there are 2 things that all people learn to fear… expressing their unique Super Powers AND being seen in the world as they truly are.  Being known and being seen.  There is a 3rd which also comes into play often: people learn to fear expressing what they really want. They fear their hearts desires.

How does this come to the surface?… EASY. When I start with a new player I hone in on what they really want… this is often really challenging and confusing; either they don’t know or the can’t say.  Then I ask them about their unique gifts, and talents… after some superficial stuff like “communication skills” there is a lot of “sort of”, “kind of”, guessing and confusion.  Have you ever noticed this when you are coaching people? Have you ever found yourself presenting this kind of confusion? I have!

A framework that we will use is this: BORN TO BE – LEARN TO BE – CHOOSE TO BE

You were BORN to express your gifts and contribute to LIFE.

You LEARNED to be a version of YOU that is a fraction of who you were born to be.

This happened whenever your environment did not fully embrace your self-expression. Note: this happens to every human to some degree. It is not unique to how or where you grew up though some people face more environmental obstacles than others for sure.  The key is we are not going to blame anyone or any place. We are going to embrace the experience as part of our humanity and explore what we can do to FREE EACH OTHER!

You can CHOOSE to become an expanded version of YOU!

The value and visibility Intensive is a small group REAL Coaching experience with Coach Dave.

The program begins with a 1-1 coaching session with Coach Dave where you will explore your Super Powers AND your kryptonite!

Then you will play with a sequence of challenges that will illuminate your Unique Value in the form of: Superpowers,
Questions for life,
Areas of influence,
Areas of vulnerability,
Learned skills and
Accumulated wealth that you can leverage

Each week we will gather for a master class to practice a self-expression challenge. As you play with the weekly challenges your awareness of the SUPERPOWER version of YOU will emerge. This will make it much easier to Be Yourself.  You will recover aspects of YOU that you may have forgotten.

In a REAL Coaching environment you will practice expressing this expanded YOU.  This will make it much easier to Build Relationships with customers, advocates, friends… everyone who wants the best of YOU!

Your confidence will grow and your real world results will expand. This is what it means to Add Value and contribute to LIFE!

Let’s PLAY!

The 6-week Intensive will begin October 6th 2016

Primary Group Sessions are on Thursdays from 12-2 PM ET
However, the group calls are just one part of the coaching experience!

Group size is STRICTLY LIMITED TO 20!!!

Register today so you can hold your spot and we can get your 1-1 Session with Coach Dave Scheduled!

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