CoachVille Events are co-creative and FUN!


Passive Learner: Lectures and Pitches with some Hoopla



Active Co-Creator: Playful Practice with LOTS of Human Connection and Celebration!

The BIG Idea…
Playful Co-Creation!

CoachVille Events are designed for TRANSFORMATION!

Which means: you BECOME the next version of YOU… during the event.

The Human Connection Revolution is ON!!!

Every event will provide you an opportunity to RE-HUMANIZE… and practice your transformational Human Connection Super Skills. YES!!!!!!!!!

When we get together via zoom or in-person our purpose is to co-create an inspiring experience where we grow together.

  • Playful Co-Creation
  • Guided Practice
  • Transformational Connecting
  • Meaningful Celebration
  • Profound Belonging.

When content – like a model, concept or technique – is needed for the experience, we will share it with you BEFORE the event.

This empowers YOU to be a co-creator of the event rather than a passive “student”.

In-Person Events!

We are THRILLED to invite you to our new in-person event:

The Next Generation of Coaching!

Our time in-person together is SOOO precious. We all learned this during the pandemic lockdown.

Our HUMAN CONNECTION Super Skills are essential for thriving in the “After AI” world. Yet for most of us… we are pretty rusty at it. We all need practice!

When we get together, we focus on playful co-creation, guided practice, transformational connecting and small group adventures…


Upcoming events in NYC and Prague!


Zoom Events!

We know that you have been on a LOT of really bad zoom events; where you just sit there while an expert talks on and on… We call this a “Blah, Blah, Blah” event.


We have a way of co-creating a safe space for self-expression and exploration.

Our zoom events are playful and co-creative. We get everyone involved in the conversation and “zoom” in and out of breakouts… A LOT!

We set up our breakouts for fast-paced and meaningful conversations.

You will LOVE them.

Stay Connected with the CoachVille App!

Move toward the light!

All of our events are amplified with our amazing CoachVille App where you can connect with your new friends, before, during and after!

Transform your phone time from Doom Scrolling to Dream Scrolling!

Downloading the CoachVille APP will make it easy and natural to stay connected to the vibrant joy of the Transformation Coaching community. Join in polls and conversations. Be inspired by amazing Humans just like you. We are all doing awesome things that create a ripple effect of good in the Human Family.

Skip the FOMO… Boost your MOJO! (I may be showing my age here! LOL)