CoachVille Zoom Event & Class Schedule


Listening to experts say: “Blah, blah, blah”



Playful co-creation, meaningful connection and guided practice!

The BIG Idea…
YOU Matter!

CoachVille Zoom Events and Classes are designed for Co-Creation!

A little bit of content…

A LOT of co-creation, connection and practice.

We become by participating!

Not by passively listening… even if we are writing lot’s of notes.

“I Create As I Speak”

This is the ancient power phrase that guides our event design. We know that what you say… in breakout groups and in the main room… is vital to the experience.

Be brave! Join us.

Disover Your Dream 5-Day Challenge

Next event: May 1 – 5; 1-2 PM ET each day

Member Level: FREE

Your Dream Starts Your New Adventure!

The Ability to Dream is a Superpower of Human Nature.

Your Dream is your “waking dream” that is your vision for what you want to do next in your life.

Discovering and activating your NEXT Dream is like putting a new game in the “Play Life Station”.

The challenge: The Industrial Control Culture does everything it can to squash or contain your Dream by making you obedient. 

It’s time to RISE UP and PLAY!

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Move toward the light!

All of our events are amplified with our amazing CoachVille App where you can connect with your new friends, before, during and after!

Transform your phone time from Doom Scrolling to Dream Scrolling!

Downloading the CoachVille APP will make it easy and natural to stay connected to the vibrant joy of the Transformation Coaching community. Join in polls and conversations. Be inspired by amazing Humans just like you. We are all doing awesome things that create a ripple effect of good in the Human Family.

Skip the FOMO… Boost your MOJO! (I may be showing my age here! LOL)